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Donate to Team Our Lady of the Angels 2021!

$251,970.62 of $250,000
Become a Fundraiser

Become a "GOLDEN SPONSOR" of Team OLA! (starts 8/27/21)
-Donate over $1000 to the TEAM OLA (via above donate button) and automatically get a gold TEAM OLA shirt blessed by Bishop Bob
-Donate over $100 to the TEAM OLA (via above donate button) and get in the drawing to get a gold Team OLA shirt blessed by Bishop Bob

Team Our Lady of the Angels will be running in the 2021 Bank of America Chicago Marathon to support Mission of Our Lady of the Angels

Mission of Our Lady of the Angels exists to provide material and spiritual support to W. Humboldt Park, Chicago- one of the most challenged neighborhoods in the US. The Mission feeds about 3000 families a month, provides additional material and pastoral support to families, youth, and senior citizens, and, most importantly, brings the love of Christ to a neighborhood desperately in need of hope. More info about the Mission at www.missionola.com.

Funds raised from Team OLA 2021 will be used to:

(1) Continue to respond to the complicated needs created by COVID-19 and the social unrest of summer 2020

-The Mission's neighborhood was hard hit by COVID-19, the economic effects of COVID-19, and many businesses were looted and burned in summer 2020. We will continue to respond with additional material and social service support.

(2) Help the Mission open its new outreach center when COVID restrictions are lifted 

-We anticipate completing the renovations of our new outreach center in summer 2020. We hope that funds raised by Team OLA 2021 will cover all of our opening costs- painting, furnishes, new doors, new signs etc. 

Donate today to be part of the miracle that is TEAM OLA!

The Mission is a 501(c)(3) and relies entirely on the donations of private donors.


Donate and Comment

Congratulations Juan and Team OLA on completing the grueling marathon! Your zeal and mission is noble. Praise Jesus Christ!


Way to go Bernie!!


Great job brother in law!!

John Barrios

May the Lord smile & grant His Blessings on all participants and doners. As Jesus said "freely you have received, freely give".

Gloria Barrios

Lynnie, you are an inspiration. Have a wonderful day dear cousin. Blessing abound to all the OLA participants and the good work that they do.

Patrice Capuzzi

This is great Lisa! Mom would love this too!

Nina Malina

Way to go, Casey! -Mr. S.


Great Cause - Go Bernadette!


MAY YOUR MISSION WALK BE A GREAT SUCCESS! Those who walk with God --Always reach their destination.

Cheri Sangpeal

You did it! XO

Gloria Hernandez

You rock Roxie! We love ❤️ you!

June Wedemeier

Go Stephanie!!!

Barbara Schuler

Go OLA TEAM!!! You all ROCK!

Julie Skokna

Kayla, You are an amazing woman and you will get the job done😉 Rootin big time for ya😎😎

Sonya Knoch

So happy I saw the story on ABC7 News Saturday evening. Have a great marathon everyone!!

Mary Lynn Carver

Go Roxie - for the Sisters!!🙏

Mark Kloss

Best wishes for a successful race! I know you will do well!

Kellye Nelson-Payne

Do what you always do best - Lead.


Delia, you're amazing! Big Love, The Turnbulls

Megan Leahy

Good luck in race John! Finish strong!

John Czeban

Good luck to all who participate in this worthy cause.

Michele Harland

Run like the wind on Sunday Colin, and on every day "... for the prize that never fades."


Go, Casey Gough - good luck!!!

Chris & Cathy Schneeman

You are awesome Steph! You've got this!

Mary Kras

yipppeee for food relief, go go go team!!!!

Joanna Frank

Best of luck with the run! God Bless!

Taylor Rakes

Enjoy the race . . . Donation doubles if you also run wearing full Nun's habit . . .

Craig Abruzzo

Praying for you and all of OLA

Jim McFarland

You got this! Run for the nuns!

Elizabeth Gray

DONATION is from Uncle John and Aunt Lisa and cousins!

Paul Gillespie

Enjoy the race!!

Adam Kerns

Best of luck in the very important fundraiser !

Mary Fellers

Good luck Team OLA. Have a great race and THANK YOU!!

Linda & Will Tishkoff

Go Cuzin Pat😘 You got this!

Kathy Jager

Good luck Kent!

Johnny Fu

Good Luck, Colin!!

Karen Huston

In honor of Billie Boatwright.


Run Pat! Run!

Cathy Cassata

You can do it, Alex! Amazing to watch you train and run for a great cause.

Janice Fay

Good luck Pat!!

Jennifer Christensen

Good luck Alex! We are so proud of you!!

Joseph Blair

Good luck Alex!

Brian Salvi

Good luck Kate. I’ve enjoyed watching you prep for this.

Stacey Pagan

I am very fortunate that God has blessed me with two of the best big brothers out there. One of them who is running the marathon! Let’s go bub!!

Hope Patrick

Go TEAMOLA Sr, Stephanie I will remember you on my Sunday run with prayers for the OLA Team God bless.

John Ruiz

Go Lindsay. Go Xavier. Go OLA. Run like the wind!

John Raslowsky

You got this Catherine! I love you!

John O'Neill

Good luck Catherine!

Michael Antonello

Go Alex... Go!

Kristina Farmer

Go Ben!!

Jadyn Christesen


Bea Cuasay

I would (run) 500 miles just to be the one who walks (26.2) miles to fall down at your door (or just see you run a marathon I guess?) I love you!! This is 500 of my biggest good luck hugs for you. I’m so proud of you and I wish I could be there to see you kill this. I miss you so much. Love you Viz! Praying for you from 1000 miles away.

Kathleen Halloran

Thanks for supporting Our Lady of Angels with your running, Megan! Honored to contribute.

Ethan Vanderleek

Woohoo! You got this!


Have a good run,Christine Mary Herther

Mzry Herther

Pain is temporary- God is forever!!! ✝️

Jennifer Christiansen

Best of luck Marta. I will be praying for you as well!

Julie Correll

Sr. Stephanie - you are an inspiration in everything you do! Whether it's setting a treadmill record, running in live marathons and especially for serving all those in need through your good works, we support and appreciate you!

Heather O'Grady

Way to go, Kent! You've got this! Look forward to hearing about your aches & pains!

Vikki Beja

Good luck Nathan & Nathan

Hector & Loreto Magnanao

Go Colin! Thanks for raising funds for such a great cause.

Jennifer Windbeck

Colin, good luck in the marathon! Love, Brooke, Jason, and Gavin

Brooke Pehrson

Go Lynn!!!

Stef Tarczon

Enjoy your marathon Delia.

Laura Khalil

Keep up the great work guys.

Mark DiBenedetto

Every 5 mins over 3:00 finish time, $5 is paid back to me

Chris Newman

Go Dante! Go Sisters!

Grace McCormick

Run Emilou!!

Matt Persicketti



Good luck Nathan and Shannon!

Vince & Eileen Callahan

God bless you, Heather. What a marvelous team to Support! Praying for you as you take on this incredible challenge. Much love, Greta

Greta Rusk

Run, Lu, run!! Many prayers for a successful marathon! Love, Mama, Daddy-O and Nug

Bob, Annie &Ellie Persicketti

Go get ‘em, Ben!


Yes Sister Emily, I'm so proud of you!!! You're a spiritual rock star and I know God is moving through you so powerfully.

Margaret Craig

Sr. Emily, you run, we'll cheer you on! God Bless and may the wind be at your back 🙏

Mary And Casey Kras

Go Leah! Run for those nuns!

Grace James

Good luck Shannon and Nate! we love you. GrandMary and Grandpa Dick!

Kerry Flynn


Mary Collins

God Bless!

John Norton

Best of luck 🙏🏽

Anthony Yousef

God bless you all and Good Luck!!


Can’t wait to cheer you on during your first marathon! Love you so much! Continue working hard in your training.

Madeleine Viz

Good Luck Nathan & Shannon! From, Tito Jojo, Tita Rita and Mark

Hector Magnanao

Love your inspiration Sr. Steph!

Teresa Heden-Detlefsen

God bless you both and all Franciscans of the Eucharist of Chicago—every step of the way.

Denis Naylor

PJ, you always inspire me!

Robyn Karlin

WTG PJ & Sister!

Karl And Karen Schuenzel

Good luck Lou!! 💪

Karim Shalaby

See you at 18.5 in Little Italy, Course Marshall.

John Mick I I

God Bless you and your sister Nuns! And God bless OLA!


Thank you for running a good race. God Bless and God speed.


Way to go Lou! Best of luck

Trisha Brooks

Please pray for our children and all children and families to Embrace the love and mercy from Christ!! For our schools And government to lead in TRUTH and Christ’s LOVE. To put control of our children back in the hands of parents. For an end to vaccine mandates and Abortion. For strong, fearless Priests and religious who LIVE CHRIST!

Sharon And Thad Pellino


Steven Alan Ramsey

You go girl!

Rosario Alberts

Run, Catherine, Run!

Jim, Carmen & Anna Walsh

$200 on behalf of Fr. James Gould of Virginia

Michael Dillenburg

Keep up the fantastic work! Thanks for all you do!

Jim Rogers

Great idea, Claire! Wishes for a great run supporting a much-needed cause. Hugs to you

Christine Esper

Best of luck Matt!

Tania Morales

Way to go Sister Stephanie and Team OLA!!!

Michael Jorgensen

I'm so proud of you Molly!!!

Joan McNamara

You and your team are truly on a mission from God and I am so very grateful to see you spread the joy of Christ's love. It reminds me of my blessings and inspires me to keep a joyful heart.


Donation for my Prayer Team Runner, Seth Arnold - Go Seth! Train hard and do well, praying for you and everyone on Team OLA every day! 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️💯

Dottie Duncan

Hi think it’s a wonderful thing to do to raise money to help the less fortunate be safe.

Jeanine Spears

1 COR 9:24


Good luck Nate and Shannon!!

Cheryl And Ken Gillespie

Nate, remember when you ran with me on my first x-country race? You can do this! Go, Shannon & Nate!!

Ella Gillespie

Way to go Nathan & Shannon!! Thanks for supporting Mission Our Lady of the Angels & making a BIG difference in our world!

Paul & Ethel Gillespie

Run Morgan Run! We can't wait to come cheer you on!

The Webb's

What a Wonderful cause Bradley. Doesn't surprise me your always trying to help make a change. Have an AWESOME Run.

Diane Gallagher

Happy to support!!

Geri Gehrke

Have a great run, Seth!! We're so proud of your dedication - we'll be praying for you and the success of this ministry! ~Mom & Dad

Adam & Connie Arnold

I am Proud of My Niece , MORGAN, and what she is doing for this great Charity . Also GOOD LUCK with treeing to beat my Marathon time of 3hrs 52 minutes done in 1982 (LOL!!)

Mike Faucher

Kudos to the team. Have a great race. Blessings.


Go Turner go!

Samantha Zeiss

Go Julie Go! Love, The O'Halleran's/Archibald's

Meghan Archibald

Let's go Viz! Run fast and pray hard :)

Sean Kelly

Happy to donate Joe and wishing you a happy marathon training!

Arthur Leyva

Go Kate!!

Jenni Stickler

God bless you as you bless others!


Incredibly proud of you Claire! Hoping & praying our paths cross again some day! My husband ran the 10-10-10 Chicago marathon…best experience ever!

Jodi Cannon

Thank you to my friend at SJE for this donation!


I’m your prayer person and know that we are praying for you to stay healthy during your training, success on your fundraising efforts and at the end have a fantastic race! I was on the 2019 team and loved the race and also for being part of Our Lady of the Angels team!! Best of luck!!

Marcos Gaglianone

Go Mike!

Rachel Jurado

YAY! Go Megan!!


It was so nice to meet you, Molly! Best of luck with the marathon! Happy to support you and the Mission of our Lady of the Angels :)

Bridget Conway

Way to go Roxie!!

Amber VanderGoot

Best wishes for the marathon, Julie! Love, Katie



Eric Deguzman

I miss our running mornings on the lake! Xox

Amy Aldridge

You have done great work. Thanks

Frances O’Hern

Julie- you are amazing! 22 years= superwoman! Good luck and what a great cause!

Stefanie Tenenbaum

You’re amazing!

Kristin Baranack

Run fast, Julie!! Good luck!

Megan Roberts Fay

Glad you are doing this, Megan! Blessings on all the good work of OLA!

Stephen Calme

You are awesome!!! Thank you for your godly example and servants heart.

Stephen Bergman

Way to go, Josue! Thanks for helping Our Lady of the Angels Mission! (Sorry it took me so long to respond). Carla

Carla McCartney

Run, Puta, Run! XOXO

Kate Schock-Williams

Have a good run Bradley for a great cause.

Linda Gavin

Love you, Megan! Run like the wind!


Good luck Kate! Running for a worthy cause!

Kristin Joyce

First 20 in your legs, last 6.2 in your head! Happy training, Sr. Emily!!

John Bowser

Go Megan go!

Sara Knutson

You go girl! <3 CMM


You got this, Julie!! (Bonus that it isn’t on a treadmill!)

Laura Kowalewich

Don't let Ens out run you.

Jonathan Pangle

Take Bowen to the cleaners.


As a non-runner who ran the Chicago Marathon twice and has a love of Jesus and Chicago I'll be praying for both a delightful run as well as generous donations for the Mission of our Lady of the Angels and the work that our Lord has put on their hearts!!!

Kara Richardson

Go, Sister, go! Thank you fir doing God’s work. You truly are His hands and His feet!❤️

Ann Biwen

God bless you


God bless you Delia! Hope you get a great day for running!

Mary Beirne

Who doesn't love and support the Weschler family? So proud of George! My daughter and granddaughters LOVE you, George!

Judith Iantorno

Go get em, George! :)

Lindsey Gazda

The world needs more people like you, George. This is awesome.

Nicole Collins

Proud to support Mary Claire. Love, Uncle John & Aunt Anne

Anne Archer

Good luck to my amazing daughter in law!

Gary Mills

Great job, Marie Claire!

Joanna Weiss

So proud of you Mary Claire!

Elizabeth Johnson

Run Mary Claire Run🏃‍♀️🎈🎉❤️ Aunt Jane

Jane Petit

I'm beaming 😀 with excitement and cheering you on from afar. - Jessica V.


God bless you!


Angela Godspeed to you as you run this Chicago marathon. I pray God's angels will be with you every step of the way helping you to achieve such a monumental event.

George Fox

I'm happy to support a good cause😇 P. P.


Best of luck to Mary Claire! Glad to help this exceptional girl help others!

Kimberly Merkel

Congratulations and best wishes fir your marathon & fundraiser

Mattie Newsom

Have fun & have a great run!

Mark Rutledge

Todo o nada

Capuchin Vocation Office

Run like the wind!


Mary Claire - good luck on your races. We are so proud of your generous spirit, in helping those in need. Love, Aunt Marilyn and Uncle Don

Marilyn Noettl

Good luck, Mary Claire! We love you!

The Korneys

Good luck with your races. We are so proud of you for doing this to help the OLA mission! Love Uncle Randy & Aunt Rose

Rosemary Dicicco

Good luck running, Mary Claire! God has given you such a big, beautiful heart - keep serving others 💜


Good Luck Mary Claire!

Mary Lou Manion

Mary Claire - Thanks so much for helping those in need. Good luck with the races! Tom & Nicole

Tom DiCicco

So proud of you! Run like the wind 💜

Eva Meier

Go Catherine! May God grant you the physical, mental, and spiritual strength to endure this journey! So proud of you!

Clare Murphy

You go girl! Will be with you in spirit while you train and run. Happy birthday Catherine!!

Suzanne Halloran

So excited for! Congrats & kick butt :)


Proud of you!!!

Tanvi Mago

Happy to donate. I'll be cheering you on!


Sr. Stephanie I will put 10/10/21 on my calendar and run and pray for your journey. Have a safe and joyous run. O BTW, please pray one of Rosary during the marathon for my special intension. God bless Have a good Holy week and Blessed Easter Season

John Ruiz

Delia, it is great you are doing this — wishing you & Team Our Lady of the Angels all the best!

Kathleen Heller

Go George!

Judy Moran

Goodluck Molly!!! 🙌🏻

Natalia Schniererova

Way to go, George!! I My family’s history reaches back 4 generation to this parish. I LOVE the Mission of OLA, Sister Stephanie and all my sisters in heart and Bishop Bob Lombardo. I’m honored to support you through Team OLA. Rest assured, George, I’ll be praying for you!! 🙏🏻

Cathy Cerone

Way to go, George!!

Mia Montemurro

Good luck Delia! So great of you to do this!

Kim Syme

For our MVP and his cause! -Class of 2024


Holly Benson - run like the wind, girlie! I admire you and what you stand for! - Julie ❤️

Julie Schuster

God bless OLA and your ministry!


Go Alex! From Birdie and UM

Karen Hurley

Donation received from Steph and Jeff Brite! Thank you very much!


You go, girl!!

Caroline Harvey

Molly Benz, God bless your generosity. Good luck and get some good shoes! Uncle John


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