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Take A Stand With Stonewall

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$48,725.93 of $50,000

When facing the uncertain, unexpected, or downright unacceptable; when stakes are high and it feels like the arc of history is bending the wrong way; you can count on Stonewall.

We are more invested than ever in advancing the lives of LGBTQ people, and our work engages the wide spectrum of issues we care about—from opposing violence and ensuring family protections, to advocating for immigrant rights and providing trans individuals with access to education, jobs, and affirming healthcare. Stonewall exists to deliver practical, immediate support where it is urgently needed AND to build resources in preparation for the challenges ahead. The fact is nothing is more permanent than our commitment to fight for LGBTQ freedom and justice, and with your support, nothing is more powerful.


This is your invitation to stand with Stonewall and stand for progress.


Anonymous Donated: $105
Carla Mc Kay Donated: $103
Happy Holidays!
Lawrence Rich Donated: $100
In Honor of Daniel Padnos! Happy Birthday! XOX Larry and Seymour
Charlie Finlay Donated: $100
In honor of STONEWALL's upcoming move, and with warmest wishes for a wildly successful 2017!
Anonymous Donated: $250
In Honor of the strong and talented leadership under Executive Director, Jarrett Lucas as well as his committed and passionate team, Stonewall Community Foundation continues its outstanding work for, and on behalf of, so many of us. Thank you for what you do! G Collins MD
Emily And Ashley Sobel Donated: $50
Thanks for doing such great and important work Carlie!!
Sean Searby Donated: $250
Let's get this going!