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BSA Boo Run 2021

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$48,401.09 of $45,000

The Boo Run is Buford Senior Academy's biggest fundraiser of the year! The event will take place on October 29, 2021 and the students are already working hard for the race. They are looking forward to raising money for their school and earning prizes at the same time! Proceeds collected from the run will go towards purchasing new playground equipment. 

We have a friendly competition going among our students and classes to see who can raise the most money. The top 2 classes in each grade are going to receive an ice cream party with Dairy Queen blizzards. As they reach certain fundraising goals, students will earn prizes and fun experiences, such as a dress down day,  donut with Wolfie, a glow-in-the-dark dodgeball and dance party, movie and popcorn, VIP skating experience, and more.

If you look on the right side of the page, you will see all of our classes listed and their fundraising goals. You can look under teams to find a particular class or type the teacher's name in the search box. You can support a student or teacher by visiting their webpage. Students are also able to create their own personalized webpage for donations by clicking on the button "Join the Team" from their teacher's webpage.

Our Boo Run campaign begins on September 25, 2021. The race takes place on October 29, 2021 and all donations must be turned in by the day of the race for students and classes to qualify for prizes.

Your generous support of Buford  Senior Academy is truly making a difference in the lives of our students. Please consider making a donation today!


Jason Bulger Donated: $25.75
Go get em Collin!
Trey & Miranda Green Donated: $30.90
Have a great run Sam! La Casa Verde is cheering you on!
Rick Smith Donated: $25
So proud of you! Run strong!!
Susannah Prestridge Donated: $50
This is from Mr. Michael! 🦷
Alethea Hickman Donated: $25
Love you my baby Girl Maci!!!
Jennifer Young Donated: $10
Have fun, Sarah! Love, Mom, Dad, and Tommy
Anne Pack Donated: $51.50
Proud of you Asher! Love, Granne A
Susannah Prestridge Donated: $25
Love you!
Sophia Roach Donated: $50
reach your goal 🤹‍♂️
Joan Fischer Donated: $36.05
Good luck with your fund-raising efforts! Sending a big hug your way! XXOO
Matt & Lauren Hoemann Donated: $25
We love you, G! -Mama & Matt
Letters In The Yard Sign Rentals Donated: $103
Go Andie Go!!
OY Staff Donated: $257.50
Love you alessia OY team
Janet Dean Donated: $51.50
Logan, We are PROUD of YOU for participating in the run to raise money for your school. Enjoy! We Love ❤️ You! Maw Maw & PePa
Esther Holly Donated: $25.75
Go Sophia Rose! Your Tia Esther ❤s you like 🌏 much.
Philip Holly Donated: $25.75
Go Sophia!
Lisa Haughey Donated: $50
Go Cade and Camm!!
Mercedes Suarez Lopez Donated: $50
Have fun Kane. TQM Abuela
Mercedes Suarez Lopez Donated: $50
Have fun Macie. TQM Abuela
Maya Atkinson Donated: $50
Go Asher!! We will always support you buddy!
Angie Flowers Donated: $10
You can do it Carson!
Kenny Flowers Donated: $10
Run Carson Run
William & Emma Rogers Donated: $51.50
We are SO proud of you, Noah!
Eboly Chavez Donated: $50
Love you Sophia
Ivonne Chavez Donated: $51.50
So proud of you and everything you do!
Johanna Trapezio Donated: $25.75
Good luck Archer! We love you! -Uncle Bob & Aunt Johanna
Rob Jacquette Donated: $250
Keck & Wood appreciates our partnership with the City of Buford and looks forwards to many more years of service!
Judith Levak Donated: $150
Good Luck to Aidan Levak and his class ❤️
Samantha Hall Donated: $25.75
Becca Boo - the perfectly named race for you! Enjoy! Lots of love Aunt Sam & Uncle Brian xxxx
Cynthia Coronado Donated: $25
Hope this little bit can help!
Antoinette Aglialoro Donated: $25
Yay Chase!
Eleanor Kamieniecki Donated: $51.50
So proud of you and your school mates for running together for this excellent goal for the school!
Kelly Sherwood Donated: $25
Have fun Carson!
Mary Beth Turley Donated: $50
Good luck on your Boo Run, Kinley👻 I love you💜 Grandma xoxoxo
Nannie Golden Donated: $50
Kinley, I hope you have a super-fun run! Boo! I am so proud of you and all the neat things you do! Love you so much! Nannie
Uncle Tommy Golden Donated: $25
Go, Kinley! Have a great run!
Anna Marie Jones Donated: $51.50
Best of Luck, Rylee!!! Race your heart out!!!!
Michael Francis Donated: $103
Go Blakelee and Mrs Moon class
Amy Akpabio Donated: $51.50
I hope your new playground rocks!
Aiden Akpabio Donated: $10
Go Ms. Wilson's Class!
U.B. Akpabio Donated: $51.50
Go Wolves!!!
Kristina Hesson Donated: $25
We love you Weston!!!
Amber Melander Donated: $10
Good luck on your run!
Carol Rosh Donated: $103
Lauren, I’m sure you will do great ! Have fun ! Love Mimi
Mason Karr Donated: $51.50
Go Sister Go!!
Marilyn And Steve Dean Donated: $25
Love you to the moon and back!
Ardina Pierre Donated: $50
Donation Ashtyn’s Nana
Jason And Tara Blanchard Donated: $25
Go get ‘em, Gracie!
Pamela And Mark Roush Donated: $50
Hadley Bowman is awesome!!
Anonymous Donated: $10
Good luck you are so awesome.