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Be Part of Something Big!

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$6014 of $35000

Help formerly homeless young mothers gain the financial stability to earn a higher education & higher paying positions without fear of losing their new home!

This is BIG!

Mary's Shelter will receive a dollar for dollar matching grant of $35,000 from the Raskob Foundation after raising $35,000 from our surrounding community to grow our new Women In Transition program. giving us a total of $70,000.

Your contribution will increase our capacity, impact and long term success rates allowing Mary's Shelter to extend our programs to young mothers struggling to make ends meet while living on their own! 

It takes time to transition to implementing healthy habits learned while living in a sheltered environment as one moves out to living independently, especially women with a history of domestic abuse or substance abuse. 

Many working single mothers are one emergency away from becoming homeless again and tend to turn to unhealthy connections and habits when they feel like they cannot make ends meet.  Your donation will change that.  We have implemented a pilot program that has increased our long term success rates of women who have graduated out of our program but need continued counseling and mentoring until they are able to become truly independent.  Cementing healthy habits learned in our shelter as they work and raise their child living in their own space. 

This new program will provide single mothers the resources to earn the next level of education and career training to secure higher paying positions in the workforce. They will continue with their cousneling and have a mentor to assist as a parent or family member would do in times of need.

Empower young mothers to achieve goals they never thought possible and change lives for generations to come!


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