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Dancing with the Stars and Stripes

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$61,729.54 of $75,000

Visit Dancing with the Stars and Stripes for details


Vote for your favorite dance team and support veterans!

Find dance teams in the menu to the right on this page. A donation on a dance team's page gets them closer to the coveted People's Choice or Grand Prize trophy at the big event Saturday, April 7, 2018.

No favorite dance team? No problem. Help us help veterans. Donate today!

Simply donate on this page using the DONATE button above or support another fundraiser also found in the menu to the right under FUNDRAISERS. All contributions support VRC programs that address the needs of veterans and help heal the wounds of war.

VRC serves over 16,000 veterans each year in CA, AZ, NV with programs and services like these:

  • Rapid Rehousing and Homelessness Prevention
  • Behavioral Healthcare
  • Professional Case Management
  • Employment and Training
  • Transitional and Permanent Supportive Housing
  • Drug and Alcohol Treatment
  • Multitude of other programs and services

Want to become a VRC fundraiser?: Click on Become a Fundraiser to create your own page to gain donations in support of our fundraising efforts. On that page, you can join a team to help them reach their goals or start your own team and invite your friends to become fundraisers and join your team, or be a dynamic team of one. Only fundraisers who join a dance team help dancers earn votes. Don't worry, they won't make you dance if you join their team. All fundraisers are requested to follow these guidelines and your participation signifies your understanding and consent.

All donations from all of our fundraiser and team pages assist Veterans Resource Centers of America in supporting our veterans. Thank you for your support. Questions?: [email protected]

Dancing with the Stars and Stripes is an entertaining dance competition modeled after the popular TV show, Dancing with the Stars. Buy your tickets today.

  • Local “stars” pair with professional dance instructors forming dance teams vying for your votes
  • Teams raise funds by getting votes. $1 = 1 Vote, $50=50 votes
  • Voting takes place before and during the event
  • Trophies will be awarded based on: judges’ score, and most votes/donations (The People’s Choice Award)
  • The Grand Prize is awarded using a combination of these two scores


Sally Kroon Donated: $100
With deepest thanks and respect to all of our Veterans and Active Military Service Members! Thank you dearly, from our whole family!
Michelle Ramos La Grone Donated: $50
Good luck, Randy! Love, Mark & Michelle La Grone
Anonymous Donated: $103
A magnificent dancer wrapped in haute couture! Bravo! And GOOD LUCK!
M Patricia Graef Donated: $25.75
Jenn You do good in so many ways - this s only one
Anonymous Donated: $20
We are inspired by your strong desire to help others! Congratulations on making it this far .. have a blast in the competition. Judy & Terry, Danville
Heather Chloe And Bobby Donated: $257.50
Mark, thank you for being an inspiration to our family. Your friendship, hard work, generosity and talents are much appreciated. We hope our donation helps with your votes AND helps to house our veterans.....- of course the donations are NEVER ENOUGH to compensate the freedoms provided by our veterans, but we hope it helps. God bless.
Pam Haas Donated: $100
You got this Randy
Kirstinn Bour Donated: $20
Go Papa! We love you!
Tammy Mcneany Donated: $50
Good Luck Jennifer, you are my hero!
Heather Hecker Donated: $50
Thank you veterans!
Anonymous Donated: $100
👏👏👏👏 have fun!!! God bless our Vets 🇺🇸❤️
Golden Gate Smooth Dancers Donated: $103
Marcia, Golden Gate Smooth Dancers are so very proud of you! You go girl!
Richard Mabe Donated: $100
Go Marcia>>>>>Brian and Richard
Anonymous Donated: $600
Go get em Randy and Jenifer!
Julie Peterson Donated: $51.50
Go Mark & Andrea! Great cause.
Dolly Grupalo Donated: $103
Mark ~ thanks for sharing your time and talent! I truly appreciate your help in setting up my dance program 27 years ago! And I believe in supporting our Veterans! I am proud of them ~ and you! Keep dancing! Dolly Grupalo
Anonymous Donated: $25
Dance! Dance! Dance! Have fun!
Patrick Jude Donated: $500
Waltzing Matilda has morphed into TangoTilly. You go girl! Patrick
Patricia Steele Donated: $250
Marcia - Good luck and thank you for all that you are doing for this cause! Patricia
Sophia Gellen Donated: $100
Wishing you bright smiles and twinkle toes!
Susan Cross Donated: $51.50
Way to go Mark!!! Can’t wait to tell my Mom about this! Good luck! Susan Cross
Lucy Weiger Donated: $250
Marcia, we hope you and Dennis win as you have worked so hard for this and thank you for supporting our veterans. Lucy and Bob
Candice Snyder Donated: $50
Sounds like a fantastic event! Have fun!!!
Felicia Owens Donated: $51.50
Good luck Mark and I hope your win.
Heather Barrie Donated: $104
Go team Ander-Nelson!
Sharon Abdilla Donated: $50
Thank you for supporting Veterans and have a great time!
Donald Dvorak Donated: $515
Jim, we are pleased to support you and your passion for dancing, and the veterans who we owe so much. Your Brother and Sister-in-law, Donald and Elaine
Cary Dacy Donated: $257.50
Go get'em Marcia & Dennis!
Julie Picquet Donated: $50
Go Uncle Jimmy!
Deb & Barb Tully French Donated: $100
Go Jim! You are a great dancer, so have some fun! Miss you. Deb and Barb
Ronni Anderson Donated: $51.50
Thank you for helping to raise $$ for our veterans. So proud of you and have a good time DWTS!
Pamm Drake Donated: $100
Here's to Mark and Andrea. Cut a rug for Dance/10!
Heather B Donated: $25
Thank you, veterans. Good luck Mark and Andrea! 🇺🇸🇺🇸 💃🏻🕺🏻
Tess Brandt Donated: $25
Our veterans are worthy of great respect and honor. Thank you.
Anonymous Donation Donated: $10.30
What an incredible opportunity to support our dear veterans! Sending love and best wishes to all of the dancers. Good luck to this team! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 -Clovis CA
Lucinda Hingtgen Donated: $103
You got this!!! Team Tina & Larry!!! Got our tickets can't night!!!
Richard Mark Anderson Donated: $51.50
On behalf of the victims of Megan’s Law, we support and thank our Veterans for the freedom to thrive. Go team!
Jane Schiller Donated: $75
What a fun event! Good Luck!
Neil Swinney Donated: $100
Good Luck Randy
Joe Madigan Donated: $1,000
Best of luck Marcia and Dennis! From all your friends at Nelson.
Stephanie Lovegrove Donated: $50
Go get 'em, Tango Tilly! :)
Meghan Holden Donated: $25.75
Good Luck Chief! I hope you have the right dancing shoes.
Betsy Hooper Donated: $25
YOU GO, LAUREN & TYLER! In for the win!
Matt Estrada Donated: $10.40
Let's go Lauren!!
Katherine And Don Waite Donated: $20
Turn up the heat you two!! We know you'll be the best! Thank you for your hard work and support for our Veterans!
Judy Sakanari Donated: $100
Thank you Tango Tilly and Dennis for helping to support our Veterans!
David Pier Donated: $100
Go Marcia!!!
Maureen And Mike Merrill Donated: $100
Go J.P. and Chelsea! Can't wait to see your dazzling performance!
Stacy Stevens Donated: $500
Happy to donate to this important cause!