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We did it...But we're not done!

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$60191.25 of $60000

The golf community is the most generous group of individuals I have ever met! Not only do I have your support on the course, but you have also helped to achieve something truly amazing. A few years ago I had a dream of funding a well in the Mamimbwe Community in Zambia. Not only did my friends, family, and fans step up to help accomplish that, but in May of 2018, we funded a 2nd well in the Sipaupau community! You guessed it, we didn't stop there. As of May 2019 we have funded a third well and I cannot wait for Golf Fore Africa to dedicate this well in honor of all those that supported this effort. I am honored and humbled by your continued support, thank you!

I know that there is still more we can do, that we can impact even MORE LIVES! I am going to continue fundraising in efforts to fund a fourth well because clean water brings so much more than health, it brings hope and a future! 

To learn more about my story continue reading...

Once upon a time (when Mo was 4), Mo’s brother came home with a beautiful, glistening golf trophy…and she has been chasing trophies of her own ever since. In her years as a successful professional golfer, Mo Martin has collected many accolades, but along the way she has also collected a growing group of devoted fans, who signal their support for her by wearing GO MO buttons. At every tournament, her devoted gallery is easily identified by their enthusiastic appreciation for her play. Mo would like to channel some of that support and give back to a cause that she sees as world changing, and is asking her GO MO supporters to consider joining her in bringing clean water to villages in Africa.

Golf Fore Africa, founded by Betsy King, will receive donations at any level, with the goal of producing a well for a village. There are 633 million people in the world that lack access to clean water. That's nearly 1 in 10 people worldwide. Or, twice the population of the United States. Most of these people live in isolated rural areas and spend hours every day walking to collect water for their family. Not only does walking for water keep kids out of school or take up time that parents could be using to earn money, but the water often carries diseases that can make everyone sick.

Please watch this video for more information.

YOUR SUPPORT IS NEEDED TO HELP BRING CLEAN WATER TO ZAMBIA! Please donate to this campaign and help us end the global water crisis.

Thank you,

Mighty Mo

Connect with me on my website:


Janice Cadieux Donated: $100
Go Mo!!
Mary Beth King Donated: $257.50
Mo thanks so much for ALL you have done in the fight for clean water. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Melissa Martin Donated: $3090
Thank you so much to each and every one of you. I am incredibly moved to know that you all helped me bring two wells to life, and that we're on our third. Please take a moment and reflect on the fact that entire villages are now drinking clean water because of us all.
Jim & Ann Armstrong Donated: $1030
Way to go Mo!! Lets get well number 3 funded.
Tina And Glen Quinton Donated: $515
Thank you Mo for leading us to this great cause.
Nick Dawson Donated: $206
A wonderful cause, Mo
Greg And Beverly Barker Donated: $103
We appreciate your vision, determination and leadership in helping so many achieve safe and clean water.
Denise Chern Donated: $1545
Mo, proud of you! You are an absolute legend!
Darrin Del Conte Donated: $257.50
I can’t think of a better cause and am extremely happy to support Mo’s efforts in helping others far less fortunate. What a great role model for all and shows her tremendous character.
Linda Martin Donated: $103
Such a worthy project to support.
Craig Castrale Donated: $103
Proud of you Mo for raising money for this great cause! Look forward to hearing about your experience when you make the trip to see your well!
Lydia Ciconte Donated: $103
Hey Mo ! Koko and I are right behind you on this! Good luck! A great cause!
Bashir Riachi Donated: $515
Mo - great work ! You are champion golfer and a much bigger champion human being !! #GoMo
Charles “Dave” And Judy Haggett Donated: $103
We’re so proud of our friend Mo for giving back to others. What a wonderful idea to bring fresh water to a village; something most of us take for granted.
Kevin Parsley Donated: $103
This is a great cause and we are so excited to join Mo to help change a village.
Bob And Dorothy Anderson Donated: $103
Thank you Mo for taking on this worthy cause. Hope to see you soon!
Robert Fulcher Donated: $204
To all Grandparents whose lives have made ours so complete. In honor of Mo's Grandfather and Tammy's Grandmother who both lived to 102 years with such dignity and verve !
Jamie Johnson Donated: $51.50
Keep the good MOjo going strong!
Richard Beattie Donated: $103
It is not surprising to us and anyone who knows Mo that she would support this cause and we are proud to join her. GO MO!! Ma and Pa.
Melissa Martin Donated: $1545
A really big THANK YOU to everyone who is donating and helping make this well come to life. Please wear your GO MO buttons proudly and know that we're going to change the lives of an entire village, for a lifetime. Knowing you're all supporting me in every way changes my life too. Let's do this!
Karen Wagner Donated: $50
Wonderful person and great cause.
Charles Dignam Donated: $103
Mo Martin is the perfect reflection of the LPGA spirit. It comes as no surprise that she would take on this endeavor to help those in need. Her grandfather "Pop" or Lincoln is smiling down on her.
Michael Beattie Donated: $100
GO MO!!!
Maura Donley Donated: $103
Now we wear GO MO buttons for good!
Mary Martin Cadieux Donated: $103
In honor of Lincoln Martin. Proud to support Mo and her challenge to build a well.