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Donate to Team Our Lady of the Angels 2022!

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Team Our Lady of the Angels will be running in the 2022 Bank of America Chicago Marathon to support Mission of Our Lady of the Angels

Mission of Our Lady of the Angels exists to provide material and spiritual support to W. Humboldt Park, Chicago- one of the most challenged neighborhoods in the US. The Mission feeds about 3000 families a month, provides additional material and pastoral support to families, youth, and senior citizens, and, most importantly, brings the love of Christ to a neighborhood desperately in need of hope. More info about the Mission at www.missionola.com.

Funds raised from Team OLA 2022 will be used to:

(1) Help us expand our food pantry + other material distributions

-Mission of Our Lady of the Angels currently serves about 3000 families a month- and growing!

-Help us continue to expand and improve this outreach. 

(2) Help the Mission successfully start using its new outreach center!

-We will be rolling out all of the *new* things we'll be doing in our new outreach center in 2022. We will be starting to use the 57 bedroom retreat center as well as roll out our new social service outreach on the 2nd floor of the building.

-There will be costs for last minute fixes of the building as well as for getting the programming rolling! Help support this roll out! 

Donate today to be part of the miracle that is TEAM OLA!

The Mission is a 501(c)(3) and relies entirely on the donations of private donors.



Donate and Comment

Glad to see you running for Team Jesus and Mary! You were preparing for this during high school XC meets!!

Marianne Prybyla

I am so proud of you Danny… running a marathon to support Mission of our Lady of Angels. You care so much about others. Good luck!!!

Judy Zeckhauser

Go Stephen!

Roger Harden

Good luck in October!!

Julie Tucker

Go Kim! Happy to support your tremendous effort to combat food insecurity!

Carol Ng

You got this Kim!


Such a great cause! Run, Kim, Run 🏃‍♀️

Karla Irving

Helping to support you and this cause

Nancy Cullen

Congratulations on your Confirmation, Madelyn! You put on Christ back at your Baptism, and now you are sealed with the Holy Spirit :)

Maya Jain

Go Emma!!🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️

Daisy O’Brien

Happy birthday Kaitlin! So proud of you and love you so much!

Molly Cronin

Happy birthday Kaitlin! love you xoxo


Can’t wait to see you crush the chicago marathon AGAIN. Love you so much and Happy Birthday!! xoxoxo

Margaret Hilding

Way to go Jessica! So proud of you!

Melissa Buxton

You got this Jess! Can't wait to see pics of this adventure!

Lori M

You got this, Great Cause. Run Matthew, Run !

Tara Steinschneider

Will be rooting for you, Matthew!

Marjorie Schildknecht

Go Matt GO!

Michaela Johnson

You got this!

Nilda Aguirre

Go Uncle Scott!

Emmy Maggie Weston

Proud of you, Tyler!

Kathy Ried

You got is !! Mirta

Sonia Cano

Go Mrs Thomas!!! We love you! From the Bartolucci kids ❤️

Lisa Bartolucci

Donation on behalf of Shraon Athans


Happy birthday and good luck!

Nolan DeWispelare

Can’t wait to see you at the start/finish lines. So proud of you M!!!

Lucy Diaz

Termina la meta, Jessica!

Faustino Lopez

I’m so incredibly proud of you. 💜


So grateful you decided to run for such a great cause! Praying for safety as you train and for a truly blessed experience on Team OLA!!!


Merry Christmas! Proud of you! EGG!!!!🍳❤️

Joel Matthews

I’m so proud of you for doing this!

Ellen Cioch

Go Kayla! I’m so proud of you! Love you! Dad

Jim Matthews

You got this!


Have an excellent run!


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