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Helping Ron Clark Academy alumni take full advantage of their scholarships to top 50 Universities and HBCU's

$14,971.50 of $25,000

CEO Netweavers is adding a new way to help others — more specifically promising students from economically underserved communities who have already earned major scholarships to top-50 and HBCU Universities.  We will enable them to make the most of their educational opportunity through a combination of:
•   Additional financial support that eliminates the need to work several jobs while at school, enabling them to spend time with noted professors, participate in professional areas of interest and build a social network that is invaluable in future years
•   Mentoring that guides them in making the most of their college opportunity by taking advantage of building a lifetime network, helping them attain internships and taking advantage of extra projects with noted professors in their field of interest.

Our scholarship recipients will be alumni of the world renouned Ron Clark Academy, and selected in partnership with them to ensure that we are helping those who are already role models to their peers.  

A "full-ride" scholarship still leaves incidental expenses to the student, and many have to work long hours at part-time jobs.  We want them to get all of the benefits of a top-tier university experience.  $5,000 can mean avoiding 300 - 500 hours of part time work.  That has a huge impact.



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