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$45838.90 of $100000

Yes, I am going back to Spain to walk the Camino de Santiago one more time. What started as a 500 mile walk of gratitude became so much more. It’s been life changing for me and for many others as well.

With the support and generosity of many friends and Golf Fore Africa supporters, we were able to raise more than $100,000 on my last Camino. That $100,000 has resulted in the creation of seven new wells which are now providing life changing clean water changing lives for years to come.

On this Camino the goal is to provide the funding for two mechanized water systems which will provide clean water to two health clinics in Zambia. These health clinics do not have access to clean water on site. Patients must fetch their own water ( dirty water ) and carry it to the health clinic. Can you imagine being treated for an illness at a facility that did not have clean water? I cannot.

The two mechanized systems each cost $50,000 which makes the goal for this Camino $100,000. With lots of people helping in any way they can the goal can be achieved.

Robin and I have made the first gift of $7500 to get started. Would you consider sponsoring a day of this journey, or just making a general donation towards this walk for water? There is no minimum and no limit! Every dollar has an impact and is greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

Buen Camino, Jim.


Lori Ogren Donated: $1010
In memory of my infant sister Diane Marie Ogren who's heart was not able to keep her on earth for long, but who's heart is perfect in heaven. As she sings your praises Jim, with the multitudes of other children gone too soon, giving you strength for your journey, know that each step you take, each dollar you raise, is helping other children complete their live's journey. May you walk with their song in your heart.
John And Patty Pace Donated: $250
Safe and adventurous third Camino for Jim
Sm Petren Donated: $100
Jim, Thank you for being our ambassador in helping the people who live in wondrous Africa! Suzanne Petren
Larry Lutz Donated: $250
Buen Camino Jim !
Gerry Hoyme Donated: $500
Great work Jim, but is there wine?
Debby Burger Donated: $200
Good job Jim! I am thinking of you on your journey. How many pairs of sunglasses will be lost this time? 😊 Debby
Sue Sauncy Donated: $125
Here's for one hour of your day, Jim! :) Praying it is an hour of rejoicing and great joy!
Mary Beth King Donated: $1500
Good luck Jim! Thanks for supporting GFA!