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The Phil Porter

InterPlay Future Fund

$11,768.80 of $10,000

Invest in the Future of InterPlay

Phil Porter has stewarded and created InterPlay alongside Cynthia Winton Henry for thirty-three years. As he transitions out of the day-to-day tasks and into a role as a mentor, he hopes to build InterPlay's financial capacity by creating a reserve fund, playfully named "InterPlay's Piggy Bank". 

Our greatest hope and dream is that InterPlay continues to thrive and change the world for the better, offering embodiment practices that bring ease, joy, connection, and release to many. By creating an InterPlay Future Fund, we are creating stability for InterPlayers who will carry forward our principles so we continue to incrementally change the world. 

Although the future is always uncertain, we are certain that we want InterPlay available for centuries to come! The InterPlay Future Fund will keep us afloat if economic fluctuations arise. It is usually the case that anxiety about finances in any organization, especially nonprofits, lands on a few shoulders. As Phil prepares to let go of his own sense of responsibility, he believes that creating this fund will help decrease that ongoing worry of those who are “left with the (money) bag.” That is one of the reasons that over the last few years he has earmarked some of his own contributions to InterPlay specifically to increase InterPlay’s current reserve fund. 

Building a larger fund will help InterPlay be prepared for what the future may bring, combining our gracious money practice with the stability of a reserve fund creating an enriching future.

Many of us have learned money lessons from Phil. His wisdom around money is unquantifiable. Please help us honor Phil's ever-present leadership by making a contribution today!

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Susanne Mulcahy
Outi Ruohola
Coletta Eichenberger
Elizabeth Hoch
Agnotti Cowie
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Much obliged Phil
Outi Ruohola
The legacy begun by Phil and Cynthia is amazing! Reaching across the globe, into hearts, bodies, minds, and spirits too numerous to name! Let's keep the joy and play alive and thriving! Long Live InterPlay!!
Coletta Eichenberger
Phil thank you thank you thank you
Agnotti Cowie
Thank you for the living gift of InterPlay--past, present and future!
Coke Tani
So Grateful Phil for all your wisdom, leadership & financial forethought! THANKYOU!!
Christine Gautreaux
With much gratitude for Phil Porter! An extraordinary human who graces the world with love, grace, and joy! You've changed my life in so many ways. I'm so grateful for Phil - a Light for the world!
Susan Pudelek
InterPlay started for me many years ago when I signed up for a UCC women's retreat that had the word play on the flier. I didn't know what UCC was but I knew I loved to Play. I cannot imagine life without InterPlay. So happy to have this opportunity to support our future and help spread the LOVE.
Spruce Krause
With gratitude for your grace-filled body wisdom, Phil, Love June
June Goudey
Congratulations Phil! May your legacy live on for generations. Thank you so much for everything you’ve done and everything you’ve been for Interplay and this whole global community. Wishing you all the best in the next chapter!
Shilpa Jain
So grateful for Phil, for Interplay and for all the sacred ripples of joy, playfulness, connection and empowerment across the world that they initiated!
Thank you, Phil, for sharing your money wisdom! Your art, leadership, humor, political perspectives, and your amazing artful organization!!! You continue to bless my life, you Grace maker!
Judy Shook
a BIG YES to all that InterPlay is - Yes to changing lives, to wholeness, to joy. InterPlay changed my life - May it continue to change our world one life at a time. Thank you Phil and Cynthia for the extraordinary vision and creativity you bring to our world.
Leslie Warren