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You can make a crucial difference in maternal-child health TODAY!

$5,414.45 of $10,000
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Funds raised help us to maintain our online presence and communication networks for receiving support requests and sharing awareness campaigns. Most importantly your donations will help facilitate the heart of our organization, ICAN Chapters! ICAN chapters are community based satellites of our organization with volunteer leaders doing the "boots on the ground" missional work to support, educate, and advocate for their community's specific needs. 1 in 3 Americans giving birth will experience a cesarean, so it is vital that we continue to grow our organization to be there for those affected by cesareans who would benefit from the work ICAN does. 

What is ICAN doing?

  • 200+ Chapter Leaders
  • 120+ Chapters worldwide
  • 23 International Chapters
  • Chapters hold regular in-person meetings
  • Many Chapters have booths for outreach, host docu-screenings, curate lending libaries, & compile local resources.
  • Average 400-500 people utilize our website daily
  • 56,698 Facebook Page reach average per month, with some posts reaching over 100,000

Has ICAN impacted your life?  Do you support ICAN's mission and want to make sure it is around for generations to come? 

Donate, Join, or Start a Fundraiser TODAY!


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In honor of Candis Hicks' years of work for mothers and babies.

Jeremy Ross

In honor of Adrian on his first year of life, and his very strong mother, Melissa, who brought her son into the world.


As a former chapter leader, I want to encourage all the expectant parents who are seeking information. ICAN is an awesome resource and support.

Alyson Kirkpatrick

81 Donations


17 days ago

Samantha Wall


about 2 months ago

Samantha Wall


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Samantha Wall


4 months ago

Samantha Wall

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