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LtN Cup 2018 - Nicaragua

Resized 2018 ltn cup logo blue and orange for web
$12,009.70 of $40,000

LtN’s mission is to use lacrosse as a platform so that our kids and coaches have the opportunity to get an education, live healthy lives and create better futures for themselves and their families. For us, lacrosse is how we achieve our mission.

The 6th annual LtN Cup will be bigger, better and more meaningful than ever before. LtN Cup 2018 will showcase a new format with longer games, spanning seven weeks. While the games have always been about more than just wins and losses - this year, they are playing for even more.

With political unrest causing schools to close for several months, the importance of LtN programs was even more evident. Our players are raising money to ensure they can learn and be kids, no matter what is going on around them. Moreover, their fundraising will go beyond Nicaragua - funds raised will help spread lacrosse, education and opportunity to a new group of laxers in Panama.

LtN Staff and Board of Directors are hoping to take it one step further by committing to raise an additional $20k through matching donors and sponsors. This money will ensure that lacrosse is only the beginning for our players, coaches and their families.


Kara Sink Donated: $100
Be Resolute 2025! Grow the game! Resolute Lacrosse - Cleveland, Ohio
Susan Hyman Donated: $51.50
Felicidades a todos!!! Los extraño mucho!
Rachel Zolotarsky Donated: $51.50
Estoy muy orgullosa de los chavalos. Vamos a la copa!!!
Hannah Deoul Donated: $50
So proud and impressed with all of you. Sending love to LtN and Nicaragua!
Molly Whittlesey Carlin Donated: $103
Jack & Kyle Carlin Resolute 2022
Jeremy Beddard Donated: $51.50
Let's go LtN! Keep doing the great things you do! Beddard Family
Jeannine Voinovich Donated: $103
Andrew Voinovich Be Resolute-2025
Todd Coryea Donated: $50
BeResolute 2024 Ohio
Noah Swenson Donated: $20
Resolute 2020 Ohio
Ellen Cohn Donated: $100
This is an amazing event and so exciting to watch it grow every year!! Congrats to all the players and coaches!!
Anonymous Donated: $257.50
Miss you! Stay safe and have a blast this year!
Susan Hyman Donated: $25.75
Buena suerte!!! Los extraño!
Susan Hyman Donated: $25.75
Buena suerte!!! Los extraño!