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YOU can deliver health and hope to the world

$1,239,857.40 of $2,000,000

Grassroots Fundraising
Are you participating in one of our events and need to raise money for your team? Do you have a birthday or anniversary coming up? Would you like to honor someone who is special to you? There is an easy and fun way to do any one of those – create a personal fundraising page.

Creating a personal fundraising page and sharing your story is a great way to provide support for our cause. It is also a quick and easy way to raise money that will go directly to support the mission of Project C.U.R.E.

About Project C.U.R.E.
Project C.U.R.E. was founded in 1987 to address the staggering shortage of medical resources around
the world. Since our humble beginnings in a garage in Colorado, Project C.U.R.E. has become the world’s
largest distributor of donated medical supplies, equipment and services to doctors and nurses serving
the sick and dying in more than 135 countries.

Each week Project C.U.R.E. delivers approximately three to five semi-truck-sized ocean containers packed
with the medical equipment and supplies desperately needed to save lives in hospitals and clinics
in resource-limited countries. In addition, each year hundreds of healthcare professionals travel with
Project C.U.R.E. to provide medical treatment to communities in need and training to those dedicated to
serving them. Project C.U.R.E. is supported by over 30,000 volunteers annually and operates distribution
warehouses in seven U.S. cities.


Jessica Lachewitz Donated: $206
I hope it can help, Kofie's dad!
Anonymous Donated: $200
Prayers for Ethiopia, keep up the great work!
Anonymous Donated: $103
Ayizosh Hagere 💚💛❤️
Anonymous Donated: $103
God protect Ethiopia!
Abere Channie Donated: $206
Ethiopia shall overcome 🇪🇹
Anonymous Donated: $500
Jaris Wicklund Donated: $100
This is for you, Kofie!
David Gitlin Donated: $5
Shoutout Kofie!
William Rodeffer Donated: $25.75
Via the Fumble Dimension
Anonymous Donated: $100
Suggestion: Couldn't this have been achieved by bringing in the Ethiopian airlines? They should be heavenly involved in transporting these supplies.
Anonymous Donated: $412
This is a noble idea. Will save so many lives.
Negatwa Helawe Donated: $206
I love and support your ideas and the little I can do for my beloved country. I have only one mother. God bless Ethiopia.
Kababula LUKUSA Donated: $20
Thanks brother
Michael & Betsy Zink Donated: $200
Great work, Javion. We are all behind your efforts!
Yosief Measho Donated: $100
Very very proud of u selamey.
Rodolphe BLON Donated: $500
Born to serve! Fear not to be good for others. Blessings
Patricia Thierry Donated: $200
Let's make November and December the best months for Kits for Kids
Margaret Rubach Donated: $79.31
Thank you for your dedication to your much needed surgical missions to Biri! And your work at Project cure. Best of luck 🍀 with your fundraising!
Mary McCormick Donated: $100
Together we can make this happen for our friends at Biri District Hospital!
Jay Riseman Donated: $100
We are hoping to raise this money in a timely fashion so that we can continue to provide surgery for the underprivileged people of Biri. The average yearly income on Biri is approximately 346 dollars. The need is great and the people are thankful for this mission.
Anonymous Donated: $200
Save lives
Eko & Sam Shitera Donated: $100
Let's keep striving for a world where medical care is easily accessible and affordable for all.
Agnes Miller Donated: $100
Happy birthday Charles! You’re an amazing person by sharing your kindness with everyone.
Anonymous Donated: $216.30
Thank you Chuck for all that you do globally and locally to help other people. You are a true role model.
Arcelie And Victor Santos Donated: $75
Happy 70th Birthday Charles! Continue the good work!
Linda Logan Donated: $103
In honor of Charles birthday celebration We pledge $100 for this wonderful project May God bless you hard work Don and Linda Logan
Lei Cao Donated: $25
A kit to a child/family in need from my son.
Samira Tou Donated: $50
This is such a great initiative! As a co-leader of the Europe chapter of HBA WIH Give Back Affinity Group, I am really glad we can contribute to help support our kids all around the world. Samira Tou
Gema Tinoco Donated: $25.75
Congratulations on all the hard work, Aparna! Read her story coming soon this week on Rush University's social media pages: instagram.com/rushuniversity
Anonymous Donated: $103
Irene Fabig ,Thank you for the caring work you do
Katie Fruin Donated: $50
Thank you for organizing, Aparna! Hope you are doing well xx
Srilakshmi Garapati Donated: $250
Keep going !!! Pinni & Nani babai
Kushal Amin Donated: $103
Keep up the great work, friend. We'll come out of this faster because of your help.
Anonymous Donated: $100
Keep the faith!!!
Anonymous Donated: $500
The Power of UrS - making an impact!
Mavis & John Hundley Donated: $200
Thanks for organizing for a Great cause!
Britonio Akas Donated: $30
Sending good vibes from the DMV
Azeb Gebreyesus Donated: $50
Thank you for doing this!
Anonymous Donated: $1,000
Selma your story and vision paints a picture that can teach many lessons to those with a heart open to hear it. God's blessing to you and your cause.
Saba Hendaia Donated: $103
Thank you for creating this🙏 let's continue to help the people who need it most
Solomon Desta Donated: $103
My heart is broken for the people of Tigray. I am so sorry ..
Elsa Michael Donated: $100
Thank you Selam Tekie for creating this!
Anonymous Donated: $1,800
Congratulations on this initiative and good luck!
Christine Itwaru Donated: $151
What a wonderful cause! Thank you for giving others the opportunity to contribute!
Wendy Vitolo Donated: $25
Happy Valentine's to my lovely Hannah who spreads joy and love as a nurse working on the Oncology floor at CHOP (Children's Hospital of Philadelphia). xo
Aimee & George Kearns Donated: $600
I couldn't stand it being SOOOO close!
JoAnn Briseno Donated: $103
Thank you for all your hard work and dedication!
Karen Werner Donated: $51.50
Amy, You are amazing! Hope you surpass your goal. Wishing you all the best on your Fellowship and its success.
Anonymous Donated: $206
So excited to see this project completed!
Vicki McDermitt Donated: $200
Love this project...Blessings to you Amy!
Janet Eberle Donated: $200
Merry Christmas, Uncle Brian!
Azeb HADERA Donated: $1,000
On Christmas Day in Memory of our beloved parents Ato Abebe Semegn, W/O Yimegushal Belay and Ato Girmay Hadera. Who taught us to share, Love and care for others. You all live in our heart, let someone get hospital bed to get treatment. RIP
Meskerem Asresahegn Donated: $643.75
In loving memory of Wro. Yeshi Asfaw Aboye on behalf of her family. RIP
Meskerem Asresahegn Donated: $618
In loving memory of Kidane Ghile by his beloved family. RIP
Meskerem Asresahegn Donated: $700
In Loving memory of Gobena Mikael, RIP.
Meskerem Asresahegn Donated: $1,236
In loving memory of Gasheye ( Seiyum Beyene) May He Rest In Peace.
Anonymous Donated: $500
In memory of our beloved brother Yishak G. Hadera
Meskerem Asresahegn Donated: $2,060
In loving memory of Nigusse Girmay Hadera, one of the brilliant young people from that generation that our country lost. Watch his documentary made by his nephew David, very relatable.
Meskerem Asresahegn Donated: $515
In loving memory of Yishak Girmay , RIP
Zewdnesh Seyoum Donated: $1,000
I appreciate Azeb Hadera for her hard work and the opportunity that she made it easier for everyone one of us to reach our people who are in need . Good Bless.
Yisihak Girmay Hadera Donated: $515
In memory of my “HERO” Brother Yisihak G Hadera
Azeb G Hadera Donated: $515
In memory of my beloved Mother Letemariam Teklehimanot.RIP
Gladys Taylor Donated: $51.50
May God increase His financial blessings upon your project.
Anonymous Donated: $51.50
In Memory of Manyahilishal Tilahun March 26th 1943 - March 10th 2020
Mubeen Khan Donated: $500
Thank you for the opportunity to help the people of Lebanon. May you quickly achieve your target so the medical supplies reach in a timely manner.
Awadh Binhazim Donated: $150
I pray that Allah Almighty bless this effort and ease the pain and suffering of the people of Beirut.
Ossama Bahloul Donated: $100
Jazakum Allahu Khairun for providing an opportunity to help our brothers and sister in Lebanon. May Allah bless the effort and all who choose to be a part of it.
Zaki Daouk Donated: $1,000
Lapis Lazuli Blue LLC is glad to be part of this project to help Lebanon and its citizens and to help drive additional support from its business relations, friends and family.
Anonymous Donated: $125
Great initiative. Best of luck and happy birthday.
Lirong Zhu Donated: $103
Pray for people in Lebanon!
Rula Kalifa Donated: $206
Thank you!!!
Anonymous Donated: $100
Good luck to everyone. Hope only good things come for your emotional, mental and physical well being.
Danielle Milburn Donated: $100
Yeet yeet ya'll
Jared Fais Donated: $25.75
ESKETIIIIIITTTTTTTT! (https://www.instagram.com/masquersguilddcc/)
Noah Wangai Donated: $2,700
I appreciate all the work you do and to be a partner in this mission.
Jessica Larry Donated: $25
Glad to support you and this great cause!!
Bradley Klein Donated: $100
This many miles! (Better late than never!)
Ausa Faria Donated: $100
We love that you're using your gift of music to move and bring people together! Praying for all.
Brian Leonard Donated: $500
Happy Birthday Kenzi! I've very proud of you.
Christine Kathanga-Clayman Donated: $7,000
With this donation I hope that it will encourage you to donate to this very worthy cause. When you provide medicine, you treat for a limited time, but when you provide hospital equipment like in this ITARC Hospital fundraiser, you provide life for a community. This is a matter of life and death, literary!
Anthony Santarsiero Donated: $25.75
Here is to a good cause !! -ant
Christine Davis Donated: $200
Imagine how great the aid station will be! Go Will!
Patricia & Russell Rhodes Donated: $103
Anything we can do to support for Supplies that are needed, to our front line workers and those heavily impacted by the Covid-19.
Philip Sevenants Donated: $75
Thank you for helping us support those that choose to be on the front line to keep us safe.
Annie Dicastiglione Donated: $100
Awesome idea Will! Good luck! Annie
Wendy Taylor Donated: $200
What a pleasure to support the Sutherlunds who are generous and kind and desire to bless others and glorify God in all they do! Thank you. Your fingerprints remain on my heart.
Carol Barrow Donated: $51.50
Thank you for your servant heart! Have a wonderful trip!
Mauricio Quinones Donated: $103
We love you Sandy and believe in what you're doing the same way you've believe in us for a long time! ❤❤
Susan Rasch Donated: $100
All the best to you Sami!! 🎉💐💪💖
Charisse Bowen Donated: $51.50
So proud of you Cassie! This is exactly what you are meant to do!!!! love you!
Jill Harrison Donated: $51.50
Happy Birthday Cassie, we love you!
Meredith Fulford Donated: $50
What a wonderful opportunity! You have such a big heart. Happy birthday!
Alexis Dupler Donated: $25
Happy Birthday Cassie!💞
Lindsay Martinez Donated: $25
Happy Birthday Cassie and good luck in Suriname!
Belay Olam Donated: $100
PLEASE Help Bedele Hospital Help Metu Hospital HEALTH FOR HUMANITY
Tameka Sama Donated: $50
This is my mustard seed donation. I ask for every Ogoni to post their mustard seed.
Anonymous Anonymous Donated: $6,000
Jon Olachea Donated: $25
<3 U Amy!
Ashley Saunders Donated: $25
Great work and a great cause!
Ira Lapides Donated: $500
Donation from RPI to support a great cause!
Matt Baretich Donated: $500
Kudos to HSS for supporting this work!
Julie Barrett Donated: $20
I’m so proud of you. Please be careful.
Kevin Roux Donated: $100
Best of luck on your journey!!
Johnny & Ricki Hein Donated: $1,000
William Welch Donated: $200
Good luck Kim Eisendrath. We wish you great success and we support all your hard work self less acts of kindness. William Welch & Artline Team
Maria Fullinwider Donated: $4,000
Anonymous Donated: $30
Expansion,Excellence, Explosion
Tameka Sama Donated: $103
I'm starting off this last fundraising effort with my donation. I challenge every Ogoni and supporter to match me or give more. Let's finish this effort! Blessings!
Liberty Bible Church Of The Nazarene Donated: $5,000
John & Ricki Hein Donated: $1,000
Julie Lanham Donated: $25
Go and change the world Darius. Wishing you love and continued blessings as you work hard to make a difference.
Troy & Monica Johnson Donated: $100
Darius, we are so proud of you, Uncle Troy, Aunt Moni, Jamison and Ethan
Gina Schwitzgebel Donated: $103
Praying for you as you make a difference in lives of those in need.
Logan Sapp Donated: $25
Gotchu big dawg ✊🏻
Jerry & Rachel Nelson Donated: $4,000
Blessings on you, Simon! From World Wide Connections.
Marilyn Balph Donated: $100
This will be an eye opening experience! We love that you are willing to donate your time and skills!!
Anonymous Anonymous Donated: $5,000
Cheryl Mealey Donated: $25
Way to go Judy Kasper Shea and everyone - sounds like a great program!
Dennis & Pamela Polk Donated: $150
HSS Project
Robert Eisendrath Donated: $100
Blessings to this Global Challenge
Keta 4 Kids Donated: $18,250
Cindy And Phil Tysinger Donated: $103
Looking forward to spending time with the children at the Living Hope International Viva Esperanza School and Orphanage in Puebla City Mexico during our Wellness initiative.
Besmir Hoxha Donated: $50
Zane Franklin Donated: $1,121.67
Axa Foundation Donated: $2,000
Keta 4 Kids Donated: $4,000
Ukrainian National Women's League Of America Donated: $23,000
Friends Of Ukraine Defence Forces Fund Donated: $5,000
Joyce & Stephen Fleischmann Donated: $50
United Help For Ukraine Donated: $17,000
Friends Of Ukraine Defence Forces Fund Donated: $5,000
Richard Lukaj Donated: $4,000
Mike & Latonda Klaameyer Donated: $75
We are so proud of you Courtney! We Love You!
Wade Bowen Donated: $500
Anonymous Donated: $100
What a great opportunity to support the hospital in Senegal, which will allow them to help those in need!
New Life Ministries Now Donated: $3,000
Deborah Givray Donated: $500
Let's go Jambo team and make sure this Baobab Medical Center container goes out soon!!!!! Appreciate all your support.
Anonymous Anonymous Donated: $11,620
Anonymous Donated: $100
I am praying for the Lord to meet all the needs for this wonderful endeavor to His glory.
Jacki Duncan Donated: $50
So proud of you Courtney 😍😘
Mary Masters Donated: $206
There is a great need in this hospital for all types of equipment a supplies. Please support the efforts of two surgeons that are attempting to make a difference for their patients and for their hospital - Dr. Andrew Ameerally and Dr. Orville Samuels! Please support this humanitarian effort as they partner with Walk Strong Foundation and PROJECT C.U.R.E.to make a difference in their patients medical care!
Haley Starcher Donated: $50
you’re an awesome person! Have a great time!
Julia Heidy Donated: $103
I am so happy to support the HSS partnership with Project C.U.R.E. Together we will be able to make an incredible impact on the lives of so many.
New Life Ministries Now Miller Donated: $10,000
Lashanah Thomas Donated: $25.75
I'm super proud of you!
Kelsey Collazo Donated: $50
Go change the world Mer!!
Anonymous Anonymous Donated: $2,060
CAM 0219 Benevity
Anonymous Donated: $1,000
Please notify Terrell Smith of donation
John & Bev Nussbaumer Donated: $200
Tameka Sama Donated: $100
This donation should be recorded as from DAVID & NNENNA NKPAGAYEE as they paid the $100 to MOSOP AZ.
Tameka Sama Donated: $200
This donation should be recorded as from Sunny Zegenee & family as he has paid the $200 to MOSOP AZ.
Johnny & Ricki Hein Donated: $3,000
We were so honored to join Abraham Bah and his RIA partners in sponsoring and shipping a 40 foot ocean container load of used medical equipment & supplies to serve the patients in need at medical clinics in the Ivory Coast early last year. The value of this donation was $400,000.00. For this Clinic trip. the medical Team from the U.S. will join their efforts with doctors, nurses, and translators from this country to treat hundreds of needy patients in the outlying villages. We pray that you will join us in this very worthy cause!. Blessings, Johnny & Rciki hein
Anonymous Donated: $103
Congratulations Meredith!!! This is an awesome opportunity for you personally and professionally. I know you will be a blessing to those people. Take care of your self. I pray for God’s guard and protection. God bless 😌
Lesley Lyons Donated: $100
Wishing you all the best in reaching your goal and on the trip!
Anonymous Anonymous Donated: $50
English Family Foundation Donated: $1,329
Meredith Evilsizer Donated: $500
Eric Marshall Donated: $200
What an incredible experience and great cause! Hope you have an amazing time! Love, Eric and Evan
Terrell Smith Donated: $515
Please help us turn this abandoned clinic into a center of health and healing.
Anonymous Anonymous Donated: $50
Kevin And Jill Hups Donated: $103
Merry Christmas, Wade! We are proud to partner with you for this important outreach. Love you!
Samantha Powell Donated: $500
Anonymous Donated: $1,000
Haselden Construction is proud to support Helping Hands Cambodia!
Robert Halleran Donated: $100
Good luck and have fun.44
Megan Shebik Donated: $100
Great job, Sami, following your dreams while helping others!
Christine Sloan Donated: $25.75
In memory of Karl Sloan, one of the most generous men I have had the privilege of knowing.
Ashley Saunders Donated: $25
Amazing cause!!!
Rick And Janet Hayes Donated: $103
Jennifer, Good Luck in Cambodia in February.
John Smith Donated: $250
Good Luck to our friends at HSS!
Joshua Sloan Donated: $5
Let’s Change the World! 💕
John Yang Donated: $50
Good Luck!
Suzy Yang Donated: $250
Couldn't be more proud! Love you.
Matt Brisson Donated: $50
We hope you have an amazing trip!
Emily Murosky Donated: $30.90
Love you girl!
Haki Laho Donated: $103
In appreciation of the harsh realities of practicing medicine in Albania. 3D Medical (Quincy, MA)
Zoa Gay Bonofiglio Donated: $51.50
Margo, you are an amazing person giving back to the world. I do not know you directly, but I know your folks are very proud of you and I am honored to have the opportunity to support your mission. Go in peace, wisdom, and grace.
Jawnna Bennett Donated: $64
In honor my dad for what would have been his 64th birthday. Do great thing. Help those in need.
Katie And Fonda Klebe Rush Donated: $51.50
❤️❤️ You are doing great things! ❤️❤️
Carrie Bosley Donated: $103
What am Amazing thing ya all are doing!
Iris Borakaj Donated: $25
Lori Jackson Donated: $25.75
You will do amazing things there!
Sabrina Pearce Donated: $20
Proud of you
Anjali & Purnima Voria Donated: $100
Congrats! May the years ahead be filled with lasting joy. With love - Purnima & Anjali Voria
Meme And Sean Callnin Donated: $200
Congratulations James and Karli!
Sarah Waite Donated: $100
Dear James and Karli, Congratulations! May you have many years of growing closer to Jesus, and letting His love and grace shine through you. I hope you have a wonderful, beautiful life together. I pray you are blessed in every way, Sarah
Tameka Sama Donated: $25.75
I wholeheartedly extend my support to this cause and challenge all of the Ogoni brothers & sisters to join me!
Anonymous Anonymous Donated: $50
Anita Hughes Donated: $41.20
Go Annika! Ray, Anita, Misa, and Lucy.
Anonymous Anonymous Donated: $50
Amy Marie Mahler Donated: $439.81
This donation is made in honor of the cash and check donations I received over the last few weeks! I am so appreciative! Thank y'all so much for believing in me!
Peter Renton Donated: $50
Jamie Zynger Donated: $100
Alex Giusto Donated: $25
Jeremy Sanchez Donated: $51.50
Anonymous Donated: $154.50
Amy, be well and safe in Ghana!
Anonymous Anonymous Donated: $50
Jennifer Victorian Donated: $51.50
Love you. Keep dreaming & doing good.
Jason Kees Donated: $103
You're a beautiful human, Amy, and I love you. I am happy to see you following your heart and spreading your love in this world. I wish I had more to donate to your cause. Well wishes and safe journeys. Love, Jason =)
Stephanie Davis Donated: $100
Clark , Sorry you are unable to go on this trip. Hopefully, you can go on the next YP trip.
Garrod Moltz Donated: $1,000
Lets make one big final push team! We’re close!
Anonymous Anonymous Donated: $50
Robin And Phil Reddick Donated: $25
It's a wonderful and rewarding thing to do, Amy. Happy for you!
Jeanne Ryan Donated: $100
So proud of you!! You really will make a difference.
Anonymous Donated: $500
Good luck to the team.
Amanda Pupino Donated: $100
Go Sarah Go! I'm so proud of you friend! Your kindness and generosity know no bounds. Lets do this together next go around !!!!
Anonymous Donated: $103
Rob Eynon Donated: $61.80
Go go go Tami!!
Rebekah Stoner Donated: $25
Great work to Jen and the whole group!
Dana Parker Donated: $25
Chelley cannales - all the best dear with your fundraising work.
Anonymous Donated: $100
Proud of you - Love DZ
Anonymous Anonymous Donated: $50
Mfon Etuk Donated: $500
Glad to give to such a great cause!
Lindsay Karakoulakis Donated: $51.50
Go Jess!
Anonymous Donated: $121,926
These are funds raised up to April 25th from outside sources for all campaigns
Debra Shockley Donated: $100
Proud of you Amy to embark on this selfless act. Safe travels!
Elizabeth Davis Noland Donated: $100
This is wonderful, Carolyn and you are amazing!
Kathy Thousand Donated: $100
Thank you for what you are doing Leslie. My prayer is that you stay safe and healthy. God bless your trip. Love, Mike and Kathy
Tiara Rurey Bowman Donated: $25.75
We love you Leslie! Proud of you for taking this leap 😊 Love, Tiara
Patty Cromwell Donated: $100
Best wishes for a safe, productive and blessed mission!
Dulce Warren Donated: $25
You are amazing!
Kathy Post Donated: $50
Hold onto Psalm 91
Barbara Berg Donated: $25
Good luck on this worthwhile adventure.
Anonymous Donated: $103
In support of my buddy, Amy Marie
Anonymous Anonymous Donated: $50
Yuri Deychakiwsky Donated: $515
Героям Слава !
Luba Shara Donated: $200
I am glad you haven't given up like many others continuing your support to Ukrainians in need.
Karen Du Waldt Donated: $100
Hi Brian - how great that you are doing this. We hope you have a rewarding trip. Karen and Steve
Anita Pollard Donated: $103
Hi Leslie! The opportunity of helping others is a selfless act of stewardship. You have such a caring and loving heart to those in need. May your trip be successful so we can glorify God.
Rhonda Cronan Donated: $51.50
This is so awesome, Leslie! You will be an asset to the team and a blessing to the families & children in Paraguay! Will be praying for the trip. XOXO
Tracy Mead Donated: $50
Sharing your love and your expertise. So awesome! Glad you are going for it, Les!
Anonymous Donated: $5
Anonymous Donated: $5
Christina Fraser Donated: $206
Lilly - I love that you and Amy are doing this. Would love to join you during a future trip! Tina Fraser
Nylah Oliver Donated: $25
This is a great way to give to your community. Way to go Elliott!
Anonymous Donated: $15
Dear Elliot, Good luck on this beautiful csuse you are supporting! Sincerely, Vivi Molineros
Sheryl Easter Donated: $103
We are so proud of you!
Jaime Lamb Donated: $51.50
So proud to call you my friend!
Silvana Galbetti Donated: $150
So proud of you!!!!!!! xoxoxo
Charles Aweida Donated: $300
Proud of you little sis!
Anonymous Donated: $10
to support the great cause
Edison Frangu Donated: $51.50
Tera Barton Donated: $25
Go Rachel! This is fantastic!
Anonymous Donated: $206
Keep doing this amazing work, Letay!
Janet Eberle Donated: $103
Merry Christmas, Uncle Brian! I hope you have an amazing time on your trip. It sounds incredible! Love, Janet
Blerina Berberi Donated: $100
Keep up the good work!
Brad Gibson Donated: $25
Lilly I always knew you would do wonderful things. Good luck and safe travels in June...
Lexi Strickland Donated: $51.50
Proud of you!! Thanks for making a difference!
Ina Farka Donated: $206
Thank you for your support delivering health and hope to Albania and giving back to the community. Dr. Ina Farka on behalf of CPR Scholars
Gjergj Dollani Donated: $206
Contribution for fundraising event at Cafe Chocolat, Washington DC.
Colleen And Dave Kirchoff Donated: $100
So proud of your work!
Anonymous Donated: $150
After donating a couple spikes to your hand Karryn, I figured I would change it up and make this donation a monetary one. -Mr. Sea Urchin
Tsegaye Hailu Donated: $500
Until recently, there was only a health clinic serving this area of over 176,000 people. I know the hardship the people used to face having to go to distant hospitals to get medical treatment for illnesses that a regular hospital can provide. Strengthening the new hospital will greatly improve health services in the area.
Anonymous Donated: $51.50
Luv u & happy you’re my friend
Anonymous Donated: $206
To God be the Glory!
Anonymous Donated: $25
Thank you for this initiative
Ketan Amin Donated: $501
Happy to support Project CURE and the Gillan family in this cause. Your continued commitment to Cameroon and unwavering friendship is inspirational. All the best, Ketan, Sujana, Aryn & Sienna Amin
Thomas Goodman Donated: $100
Christine Sawyer Donated: $51.50
You are amazing! Be careful❤💪
Anonymous Anonymous Donated: $1,000
Anonymous Donated: $50
Sending you support and gratitude for the wonderful work you do.