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Join Team LtN 2018

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$64,795.55 of $80,000

Team LtN is a network of lacrosse teams and individuals across the US who come together to help spread awareness and raise funds for our programs in Costa Rica, Nicaragua and the US.

Will you join Team LtN and help us use the power of lacrosse to bring education, opportunity and hope to kids in need? Together we can overcome poverty through sports, education, health and nutrition.


Tonja Mc Elroy Donated: $25
What a great experience! Have fun sharing the gift of Lacrosse!
Doug Laurin Donated: $30
Go Ezra!!
Shelly & Pete Stutz Donated: $50
Happy to support you & your team, Neil!!
Catie Chess Donated: $10.30
Enjoy every second...and take lots of pictures!!
Anonymous Donated: $1,030
Good luck with your fundraising efforts for LtN
Benjamin Courchesne Donated: $100
Can't think of a better guy to grow the game!
Griffin Boustany Donated: $100
Good Luck CJ!!!
Jill Ryan Donated: $51.50
Thank you for coaching Piper's team! Good luck!
Jean Bae Donated: $25.75
Safe travels!
Bob Moretti Donated: $50
Very cool Miles!
Adam Langley Donated: $50
No 1-handed GBs!
Larry & Zelma Adams Donated: $100
FB family and friends, we appreciate any amount of funds to help grand son Jordan in his endeavor! Thank you very much!!
Patricia Boustany Donated: $250
We are very proud of you CJ! -- Tantie Patti, Uncle Tom, Griffin, Noura, Peter, Lexi, (Luna, Pluto, Jupiter & Korra)
Maris Bacus Donated: $50
I Love you CJ! Meme
Jill Johnson Donated: $100
You hi Carly!! Have fun
Madeline Finnen Donated: $25.75
Love you!!
Andrew Caetta Donated: $103
Good luck Winnie!!
Hannah Mc Kenzie Donated: $25
Susan Maser Donated: $50
Diane Leising Donated: $20
Way to go Rachel!
Macdara Mc Grath Donated: $25
Way to go Mekenzie! I’m so proud of you .... what a great cause! Go Spiders! Love You, Aunt Macy xoxo
Susan Medina Donated: $40
Way to go Kim!!!! We love you❤️
Anonymous Donated: $15.45
Go Spiders!
Peter & Chris Mc Donough Donated: $50
Good job Maria!
Mom & Dad Montgomery Donated: $100
You go kiddo-love seeing you give back by doing something you love! Please count your blessings and pray extra hard for those less fortuntate and in need!!XO
Mary Ellen Oyer Donated: $51.50
This sounds like an amazing and life-changing opportunity, Rachel!
John Intorcio Donated: $50
Go Mike!
Joseph Schmuckler Donated: $103
Great work by the Richmond Spiders WLAX team.
Bernard Berry Donated: $20
Good luck!
Christina Boblits Donated: $25
Good Luck Mar! Great cause.
Carter Finnen Donated: $25.75
Love you Mads
Jason Sapp Donated: $50
Good luck, Mekenzie! Let's go, Richmond!
Zac Montanez Donated: $25
Great stuff Germ!
Becky De Cesare Donated: $25
Well done, Michael! This is the Wildcat Effect! I’m proud. 💙💛
Charlotte Mc Gee Donated: $51.50
GO SPIDERS. Julie - lead them to victory!
Tristan Peschka Donated: $22
Roll caps
Madeline Leonard Donated: $51.50
Great cause.
Gail Wilson Donated: $25
For Delaney Waggoner. Hope the team has a fantastic year!
Kendall Rideout Donated: $100
Making this donation to support these three great organizations using Lacrosse to give underprivileged kids the opportunities they deserve. Keep up the good work! - Rex, Joi & Kendall Rideout
Renee Filippi Donated: $100
Good luck honey. You make us all so proud 😘😘. We love you. Renee’, Nick and Tom
Kim Cory Donated: $103
Go Gennies! LOVE the support for LTN!
Loo Family Donated: $206
proud of this effort by both teams!
Kristen Mccormack Donated: $499.55
Proud of you! Safe travels. M & D
Margaret Gallagher Donated: $200
Best wishes to EMMA and to ALL your teammates as you share the joy and skills lacrosse has given to you! Safe travels!!Marguerite and John
Rodney Ferris Jr. Donated: $150
Rock on Winslow!! Much Love & Hugs, Rodney, Ginny, Noelle & Alex.
Margot Ferris Donated: $55.55
Go # 5!!
Anonymous Donated: $51.23
MIDDLAX wild Bobby Boucher baby!
Paula Christofori Donated: $50
Great cause...enjoy the experience, Sara!
Peter Steinle Donated: $50
Hi Winslow from Gram & Faf Steinle
Kate Kellogg Donated: $103
Go Alex! Kate and Randy
Martha Santa Maria Donated: $30.90
Thirty for 30! (+fee) You make Middlebury proud.
Paulette Mc Clintock Donated: $100
So proud of you Sara! Great work.
Peter Steinle Donated: $100
Great job Hannah!!
Sue Schein Donated: $51.50
Great program. Best wishes to all.
Jed Raymond Donated: $25
Outstanding work!
Anonymous Donated: $103
There is nothing more eye-opening than a trip like this, one you will likely remember all your life. What a way to make a difference!
Anonymous Donated: $257.50
Way to go!! Have fun!
Judith Mc Intyre Donated: $20.60
If I had plenty I'd send more than twenty but as it is that's Show Biz! Best of luck!! Aunt Jude
Ellen Christian Donated: $50
Good job RJ so PROUD of you!
Elva Patino Donated: $50
#6 Jonathan O.. Missing you from your California family. We Love you very much!! Best of Luck!!
Marion Beck Donated: $50
Go Jason B #18!
Holly De Gregory Donated: $50
Great job Luke- have a good season
Michael (Pop) Adrian Donated: $103
Way to go Jack & Team! Keep up the good work!
Gina Steers Donated: $50
Good work, Bo! xoxo Aunt Gina & Uncle Rob
Jen And David Wilkins Donated: $50
Proud of you and your team Cully! the Wilkins family
Scott And Mollie Storey Donated: $35
Always happy to support lacrosse, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica! Hope you have a great season once you are back on the field! Mollie and Scott
Olivia Waters Donated: $103
Good luck, MC! We are happy to help you reach your goal. Love you, O & Uncle Woody