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2023-24 Intellectual Disabilities Drive

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$18,443 of $1,812,022.88

Create your Council's fundraiser page

  • Your council can have it's own online webpage for raising ID funds that will be credited directly towards your council goal.  Click the above link to get started.
  • Click Become a Fundraiser
  • Choose  "I am fundraising on my own"
  • Name the page and include your Council Number in the title
  • Create a brief summary
  • Tell your ID Story - include who you donate to
  • Create a campaign

Share the link to your Council's page to as many people as you can.  A graphic on the right side of your page will help you keep track of your progress towards the goal.  If you need help, contact the State Office for assistance.

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344 Donations

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Molly Bresson
Michael Cummins
Joseph Egan
Michael Tuman
Keith Beckmen
Daniel Obudzinski
Michael Waszak
Matthew Marchione
Michael Bohr


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Late Moneys from 2023
Michael Tuman
Doing great! Keep up the good works!
Thank you to all who volunteered their time on the streets this weekend!
Great work, neighbor!
Kristie Szwajkowski
A most worthy project and a grand effort being made to raise support!
Lee Lansford
Thanks for all you do for our community, parish and my brothers. Your fellowship and support mean the world to our family!
Rebecca Andruskiewicz
Lets go Solemn Watch
Michael Tuman
Hi Mike, This donation is on behalf of Jim Jebbia and Jim Wilson at Diligent Investors. We are happy to support such a noble cause! God Bless!
James Wilson
Nice job Taylor & Team!!
Maizey Schuch
Remember, 90% of funds will go to Aurora/Batavia area. Most of the remaining to Special Olympics!
Timothy Higgs
Hoping the Tootsie Roll Drive is successful.
Jim Keane
Thank you for all you do for our community!
April Bosworth