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Unity Church of Hawaii 83rd Anniversary Congregant and Cornerstone

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$4,806.13 of $100,000

This year has brought many changes to Unity Church of Hawaii due to the CoVID-19 Pandemic. Thankfully, Unity found itself on the leading edge in providing On-line Services allowing the Church to continue most activities. When other churches were closing down, Unity heightened its Live-streaming Sunday Services and provided new services to include:

 Community Connection after Sunday Worship • Daily Prayer at 11:00 A.M.
 Power Prayer on Monday afternoons • COVID-19 Updates
 Wednesday Evening Prayer / Mediation Service • Board Meetings On-Line
 Classes by Licensed Unity Teacher Candidates • Monthly Empower Hour
 On-line Licensed Unity Teacher Candidate Training • On-line Q-Process
 Weekly Compassionate Communicate Class and Practice with Reverend Denese
 Website expansion in information, inspiration, and education in addition to the Spiritual Toolbox and Church Transition News Updates

Through these programs Unity continues to transform lives and inspire people to make a positive difference in the world. Unity Church of Hawaii touches many lives, not only with its Sunday Church Services and On-line programs, but also with its Programs like the Wellness and Counseling Center and the Unity School which educates 98 2-5 year-old children daily.
These Services have allowed us to create deeper connections with ourselves, with each other and with God. Through this we are truly becoming a Spiritual Community. In this time of transition, we also have a chance to discover how we can best serve others in ways that are fulfilling to our lives as well. We thank you for your efforts in helping give birth to this
next stage of Realizing the Mission of Unity Church of Hawaii.

In order for Unity to continue to fulfill its Mission and provide Services, three issues need to be addressed: 1) Important and Much Needed Facilities Maintenance; 2) Ministerial Search Expenses; and 3) Donations to cover on-going expenses.
Here is a Summary of funds needed for these purposes:
Electrical Rewiring $ 40,000 - $ 50,000
Bathroom Pay Off $ 15,000
Sprinkler $ 2,000
Tree trimming and removal $ 20,000
Minister Search $ 12,000
Donations under budget $ 25,000
$ 124,000 - $ 134,000
Minus Forgiveness of PPP $ -20,000
Total Estimate $ 104,000


Anonymous Donated: $1,030
In this last year I feel more connected to this beautiful community and incredibly grateful for everyone who is still showing up and doing the work! Christ in us, our Hope of Glory! Praise God! Happy New Year Ohana!! Blessings to ALL!!
Anonymous Donated: $73.13
Thank you for the gift of bringing Truth into our home each week. The nearest Unity Church from our home is ninety miles and thanks to your live streaming we get to "go" to church every week and have Truth affirmed in our lives each week. Thank you for this blessed service which you perform in our lives.