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Help Break the Cycle of Homelessness

$309141.92 of $65000

Start Your Own Fundraising Page Today!

Be a part of helping Cocoon House. All you have to do is set up your own fundraising page that shares why you are supporting Cocoon House and then share your link with others through e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, or any other way you communicate with your friends and family! Best part is, you get to set your own fundraising goal! Whether it’s $100 or $5000 you don’t have to do it yourself!

The funds you raise will go directly to supporting youth in crisis and empower them to rise above their challenges.

Help us frame their future!

$1000 - 1 year of mental health counseling and family reunification workshops for 8 teens and families
$500 - 1 year of drug and alcohol counseling and treatment for 4 Cocoon House youth
$250 - 1 year of recreational activities for 3 Cocoon House youth
$100 - Feeds 40 youth each day
$50 - clothes and provides hygiene supplies to a young person.

About Cocoon House

Cocoon House is a local non-profit that serves at-risk and homeless youth and their families through outreach, housing and prevention services. The comprehensive approach of Cocoon House ensures that each young person is met where they are, physically and emotionally, to ensure the best possible outcomes for their future. Young people connect with Cocoon House staff when in our programs, in their schools, or out on the street. Parents are provided with services to help keep their teen in the home, or provide the smoothest transition possible if the teen is returning home from homelessness. This scope of service allows Cocoon House to ensure they are reaching young people and families in all possible ways to ensure that every child has a home and a future.

Outreach: Our Outreach program serves teens and young adults ages 12-24 through street outreach: a day center and advocate program. We provide access to services like case management, drug and alcohol support, food, shelter, employment and educational support, and referrals to other critical services.

Housing: Cocoon House provides short and long-term housing to homeless teens ages 13-17 years old. Not only a safe place, teens receive support reconnecting with family, engaging in school, employment, and becoming independent young adults.

Prevention: As a National Best Practice, our Prevention program works to educate and support parents. Through phone consultations, parenting classes, and WayOUT seminars, we help parents build a safe and structured environment to help teens develop and succeed.


Daniel And Kathy Joyce Donated: $51.50
Jeff and Danielle, It was a great idea to use this event to support this important cause. Great job! Congratulations on the great job in the Ironman as well. We love you! God bless you! Dad and Mom
Alyssa Klubeck Donated: $103
I've been enjoying seeing both of ya'll's work leading up to the ironman--Excited to see you accomplish this massive goal together!
Marian Buechler Donated: $30.90
Love how you combined your passions by adding this fundraiser to your athletic pursuits! Enjoy!
Paul Grous Donated: $36
Carolyn, this is such a wonderful project! Congratulations!
Kristin Palmer Donated: $100
Good job, Carolyn! We're very proud of you! Love, Mom, Dad, and Mark
Mary Dickinson Donated: $20.50
Give what you are able, my friends! This brings us halfway to our goal!!!
Timothy Bartol Donated: $30
Odulia Trevino Donated: $50
My daughter Marcela Velasquez. Thank you Lola
Anonymous Donated: $50
Good work Pam
Kimber Hurban Donated: $20.60
Here you go Pam...Have fun! Kim
Erin Venables Rhoads Donated: $20.60
Here you go Auntie! Keep up the good work!
Wendy Frankenberg Donated: $25.75
Thanks for bringing this to our attention Pam. Unbelievably sad.
Kim Serwold Donated: $50
Have fun Pam!!
Theresa Johnson Donated: $50
Great event to help the kids!
Pamela Somers Donated: $51.50
For Nicole Metzger
Deborah Bilodeau Donated: $20
Donating for Rosa Bartol
Tamara Fitch Donated: $103
For all you wonderful women raising funds to help these teens.
Vicki Mccormick Donated: $51.50
Supporting Rosa Bartol
Orla Sather Donated: $20.60
For the kids!! Thanks Pam
Michelle Hatton Donated: $51.50
Thanks for all you do Pam Somers
Toni Hinz Donated: $51.50
Happy to contribute to this great cause!!!
Brian Pepelnjak Donated: $51.50
Thank you for everything you do for our youth! - Pepelnjak State Farm
Kristi Bronemann Donated: $25
For Pam Somers
Cindy Palmer Donated: $25
Donating for Pam Somers
Cindy Palmer Donated: $25
Donating for Judy Slocum
Deborah Bilodeau Donated: $20
Donating for Judy Kei Slocum
Gina Costello Donated: $100
Angels of hope cocoon house/Pam somers
Robyn Roth Donated: $103
Every little bit helps. Help our homeless teens.
Renee Comey Donated: $40
Thank you for all you do and choosing to work with such a great organization!
Sharon Cremin Donated: $15.45
Coccon House is valuable organization that helps teens who are struggling with homelessness and many other obstacles. Thank you to all who support Cocoon House and the work they do!