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NC Soil and Water Conservation - Feeding the Carolinas Fundraiser

Resized prepped boxes
$921.90 of $5000
55 days to go

Everyday NC Soil and Water Conservation works to protect and restore natural resources and support sustainable food production across North Carolina. Through such work, the importance of robust food and community systems in meeting stewardship and social needs is apparent.

In these unprecedented times, we can take an additional step to support strained food and community systems in NC and to fight food insecurity by donating to Feeding the Carolinas.

Feeding the Carolinas is an organization that provides leadership and financial/physical resources to a two-state network of food banks (more than 3700 local charities) working to solve hunger in all 146 counties in North and South Carolina.

Anyone can donate as an individual or, if interested in some friendly competition, as part of a team.


Thank you for your generosity - together we can make a big difference!


Mallory Alman Donated: $15
This is a great effort!! Thanks for bringing attention and action to such an important and local cause.
North Carolina District Employees Association Donated: $500
These funds were taken from president's travel line item. Due to Covid19 travel has been cancelled. The NCCDEA decided to donate an amount similar that would be spent in travel to the CET. Please give to those that need it.
Dru Harrison Donated: $20
I hope other members of DEA and District Employees will make a donation. If 225 people make a $20 donation (with the NCCDEA donation of $500), we can reach the $5,000 goal! Please open your hearts and wallets to make an impact on others who need your help.