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2022 Scholarship Club

Fundraising for our Future

$50,060.18 of $50,000

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Alan Talansky
Mike Heffernan
Paul Karson
Barbara Evers
Jimmy Mason
Patricia Kurtz
Rashida Lilani
Cheryl Angeles
Dennis Thomas
Anthony Tansimore


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We at Sebastopol Rotary are delighted to help a great club doing great work. And I love your website page. Good work.
Harold Kwalwasser
Education is freedom and the doorway to the rest of your life! Always be curious and never stop learning!
Nanci Nishimura
Let's go and get as much funding as possible for our Students!!
Jeffrey Lowenstein
Happy to support such amazing students!🙏
Lisa Nash
So happy to support the club’s enduring commitment to provide scholarships to the students most in need to follow their dreams of pursuing a college education.
Barbara Evers
Our children's future is our best investment with the best payoff.
Robert Binn
✅ we can do it , all together !
John & Joyce De Russy