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Support "Boundless! A Musical Journey" today!

$17,263.34 of $100,000

Dear Friends!

The 321 Foundation and the creators of Boundless! A Musical Journey have formed a dynamic and innovative partnership.  The 321 Foundation’s mission is “to provide the entire community with information and education to broaden awareness and foster positive attitudes regarding people with Down Syndrome and others with different abilities.”

Inclusive theater-making is an excellent conduit for this mission. It promotes opportunities for performers, artists,and technicians with disabilities who are too-often excluded from the remarkable world of the performing arts.

WITH YOUR GENEROUS SUPPORT we can help educate others about living with disabilities and provide access to the performing arts, and work/recreational opportunities in theater for people with disabilities, through further productions of this show, and creation of new shows. These opportunities will giveparticipants the chance to achieve personal empowerment by augmenting their social engagement, emotional well-being, life skills, and professional development through their contributions to each production.  

Boundless! A Musical Journey is an original musical, with book and lyrics by George PurefoyTilson and music by Alex Diaz and George Tilson.  The script and songs evolved from interviews of people with disabilities, some who had lived in state institutions and facilities.  Personal stories were also shared by activists with disabilities and their allies who participated in the 2003 historic march from Philadelphia to Washington, DC, to demand their civil rights to be free of institutional living and traditional restrictive services negatively impacting their access to meaningful work, living arrangements, transportation, social networks, and personal medical care.


GO TO BoundlessJourney.org to make a tax deductible donation 

Your support is greatly appreciated.  You can even form your own fundraising team!


Marissa Guariano Donated: $150
Gifts from my birthday party!
Mac Millan Family Donated: $103
Marissa, happy 21st birthday! This will hopefully support the group for future productions! Good luck :)
Norma Cusick Donated: $100
We love you, Grammy and Pops
Cindy Serrano Donated: $50
Happy 21st Birthday Marissa!!
Leonard Creswell Donated: $77.25
In honor of Marissa on her 21st Birthday! We are so proud of you and would love to see you perform! Love, the Creswells
Kate Ruby Donated: $51.50
Happy Birthday Marissa! Best of luck with Boundless! - The Rubys
Anonymous Donated: $25
Happy birthday Marissa from Miss Chris. Best of luck with Boundless!
Nick And Paula Manolakos Donated: $150
Keep up the good work of getting Your Message Out!!!
Janine Payne Donated: $50
I support all aspects of the play Boundless, and am excited to have the opportunity to donate toward its success! I can't wait to see the performance!! #Boundless
Allison Szymanski Donated: $103
Best of luck to Rory and all members of the Boundless production! Love, The Szymanski Family
Linda Bender Donated: $51.50
Congratulations, George! I know this is a labor of love!
Virginia Gritmon Donated: $20
I'm so happy to support a fellow line dancer and this organization. I hope to see you perform!
George Tilson Donated: $103
We're off to a fantastic start! To demonstrate my personal commitment, I'll be donating $100 to each new team that forms, and an additional $100 every time we hit the $...,900 mark. Please help us spread the word!
Pamela Levin Donated: $185.40
You are an a-MAAZ-ing cast and production team filled with talent, love, enthusiasm, determination, perseverance, and many abilities. It has been my joy and privilege to see you perform and am looking forward to more great things. You are defining "What Lies a Ahead" and know you will get to your goals. Keep going!!!
Wendy Yoder Donated: $206
As a member of the audience for Boundless last October, I was moved by the extraordinary display of knowledge, understanding, and love that flowed from the cast to the viewers and back again. I honored to be a friend of George Tilson's for over fifty years. I also dedicate this donation to my sister Nancy.
James Lytle Donated: $103
Great organization that does a lot of good with very few dollars.
Anonymous Donated: $500
Congratulations to The 321 Foundation and the Boundless team. Here’s to inclusive theater-making at its best! Go team go!
Rick Kosmalski Donated: $100
Go Kayla! We can’t wait to see you on the stage!