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Helping children, families, and seniors now more than ever.

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$821,863.44 of $100,000

Your hungry neighbors are counting on you. We have been working non-stop to meet the unprecedented need for food since COVID-19 hit. Together, we have fed hundreds of thousands of people struggling with hunger, and that number continues to grow. Your support is more critical than ever.

You have the power to change a life by donating today. Through your support, we can connect local children, families, and seniors with the nutritious meals and groceries they need. Thank you for giving the most generous gift you can!


O'Hara & Meagan Macken Donated: $500
Go team Raleigh!
Edward Marhefka Donated: $250
Sorry I can't be there to assist the IHS Markit Raleigh team on this important effort. Well done all!
Kathleen Bartelmay Donated: $25.75
Great work, Ava and Rachel!
Sherry Altman Donated: $30.90
Go Ava! So wonderful that you’re doing this.
Amanda Turner Donated: $100
Way to go, Ava!!! This is amazing...so proud of you for making a difference! Love, The Turners
Natalie Cicero Donated: $25.75
Way to go Ava and Rachel! You are outstanding humans! <3
Wendy Edds Donated: $61.80
Thank you Ava and Rachel for your hard work helping your hungry neighbors.
Anonymous Donated: $1,134.03
thank u ava & rachael for your work and care of those in need, God bless!
James Claar Donated: $25
Thanks for the order Tania Desrosiers!
Dana Covello Donated: $50
Keep up the great work!
Anonymous Donated: $500
I pray God's blessing upon all the workers and recipients who are facing insurmountable needs at this time. Just remember, "Nothing is impossible for God".
Kaushal Patel Donated: $103
COVID-19 Response
Anonymous Donated: $51.50
Thank you for your unwavering commitment to providing nutritious food to children, families, the sick and the elderly throughout Durham, especially during this unprecedented crisis.
Michelle Ocampo Donated: $51.50
Thank you to everyone who is helping the community!
Chad Bowers Donated: $500
Honored to donate on behalf of SiteOne Landscape Supply. We truly are "stronger together" and appreciate your leadership in raising awareness on an important and timely cause to provide meals to those in need. Thanks and keep up the great work! Chad Bowers
Angela Lee Donated: $50
Thank you for your spirit of giving and helping others in need.
Nicole Klett Donated: $25
Thank you DPAC for helping me give back to the community! Stay Strong and Healthy everyone! We are all in this together!
Marcy And Vance Tucker Donated: $103
Grateful for our community coming together to help those in need. Thank you to the front line hero’s!
Anonymous Donated: $51.50
Prayers to all.
Michele Hicks Donated: $51.50
Thank you for your leadership and community support.
Alice Sabatini Donated: $50
I am glad to be helping those in need.
Erin Trifaro Donated: $25
Thank you for the selfless work you are doing!
Anonymous Donated: $10.30
Communities working together show an example of good coming from a truly terrible situation.
Tania Dautlick Donated: $15.45
Thank you for your leadership in sharing this opportunity to give back to our community.
Gunjan Hariani Donated: $103
Thanks for the great work and reaching out to the community in time of need!
Donna Anasti Donated: $100
Stay safe and thank you for your work. And a shout out to all our health care workers. Donna
Kevin L. Schultz Donated: $50
Stay safe and stay healthy. Thanks to all that are out there helping make this happen!
Amy Krebs Donated: $30.90
Thinking of so many and hoping and praying that soon, all will be well.
Michael And Carla Viana Donated: $51.50
Durham strong.
Marlena Dennis Donated: $15.45
Praying for all those affected by this crisis. Thank you to all of our nurses, doctors, medical staff and 1st responders for all you do for our community.
Sheryl Morgan Donated: $50
Challenge anyone whose income has not been affected to contribute. Blessings to all who are taking care of us. Medical, drivers, grocery & retail workers and all of you others. THANK YOU!!!
Greg Murphy Donated: $25
I know this isn’t much; but, I’m just glad I can help.
Kurt Bland Donated: $2,500
As co-creators of this campaign we are thankful for the critical work being done by the Inter-Faith Food Shuttle Staff , and we honor them with this gift. Meredith Keyes & Kurt Bland
Wes Schobel Donated: $77.25
Thank you for doing this! We all have to help each other out. And thank you to the medical provider community for all that you are doing!
Rowena Lilly Donated: $51.50
In honor of Jill Staton Bullard.
Lisa Joy Birmingham Donated: $25.75
Durham Strong!! A shout out to the Medical community who are working so hard to care for our loved ones. Know that we do not take you for granted.
Anonymous Donated: $103
Thank you for providing additional support to those that need it most during this crisis!
Betty Moses Donated: $30.90
Thank you for your kindness! You are truly the heroes who help us survive every day!
Anonymous Donated: $25.75
God bless!
Anonymous Donated: $51.50
Stay safe, stay healthy!
Elinvar (Patti) Gillenwater Donated: $100
This is an amazing organization serving our community and I thank everyone who is contributing today!
Anonymous Donated: $100
Let's go Durham!
Anonymous Donated: $51.50
Good luck ...
Krystal Hu Donated: $5
Hang in there for the next 8 weeks! We got your back.
Anonymous Donated: $50
We are Durham proud. Durham strong.
Tom And Nancie Benson Donated: $103
For all the Elmo's staff that are having a HARD time right now! We miss you and love you! Tom and Nancie
Anonymous Donated: $50
God bless everyone!
Marianne Latz Donated: $25.75
Thank you DPAC and Inter-Faith Food Shuttle for helping our community in this difficult time.
Angie Elliott Donated: $25
Thank you for what you do!
Anonymous Donated: $103
Our community needs every dollar possible to help as many friends, family, neighbors, coworkers, folks you may meet or folks you may not. Give what you can, all efforts matter! Together we can help keep everyone.
Anonymous Donated: $103
Let’s stand for each other in these tough times!
Anonymous Donated: $25.75
God loves each and every one of us; even during this difficult time. May God multiply these gifts for those who are truly in need.
Anonymous Donated: $100
May God bless and multiply your efforts in helping those in need.
A O Donated: $103
"Teamwork makes 'The Dream' work."
Anonymous Donated: $250
May God bless and increase every donation given in the spirit of love to fulfill His purpose.