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Team Mission of Our Lady of the Angels 2020!

Resized team ola 2020 promo
$258,183.61 of $250,000

Although the 2020 Bank of America Chicago Marathon was cancelled, Team OLA RUNS ON! We still be running on 10/10 and 10/11/20 to support Mission OLA!! Please support us! 

Mission of Our Lady of the Angels exists to provide material and spiritual support to W. Humboldt Park, Chicago- one of the most challenged neighborhoods in the US. The Mission feeds about 2000 families a month, provides additional material and pastoral support to families, youth, and senior citizens, and, most importantly, brings the love of Christ to a neighborhood desperately in need of hope. More info about the Mission at www.missionola.com

Funds raised from Team OLA 2020 will be used to:

(1) Continue to respond to the complicated needs created by COVID-19 and the social unrest of summer 2020

-The Mission's neighborhood was hard hit by COVID-19, the economic effects of COVID-19, and many businesses were looted and burned in summer 2020. We will continue to respond with additional material and social service support. 

(2) Help the Mission finish the renovations on its new outreach center to the neighborhood

-The new outreach center will provide the very needed space for the Mission's donation storage/ distribution, a handicapped accessible kitchen/ dining room, meeting space for neighborhood and retreat groups, and a 45+ bedroom retreat center for volunteers and retreat guests. 

Donate today to be part of the miracle that is TEAM OLA!

The Mission is a 501(c)(3) and relies entirely on the donations of private donors. 


John Raslowsky Donated: $103
Go Evan. Go Xavier. Go Team OLA. Run like the wind!
Graceann DiGioia Donated: $103
Thank you for running!!
Marilyn Zutty Donated: $165.30
So proud of my nephew, Evan!!!
Katherine Castree Donated: $50
Great job Stephanie!
Jacquelyn Provenzale Donated: $103
Lynn— You are an inspiration to us all! God Bless You!! 🙏🏻💜🙏🏻
Patrice Capuzzi Donated: $25
You are amazing.!!!!! What an achievement. Job well done. Now rest up and relax. Love and Peace, Your Cousin Patrice
David Wilson Donated: $51.50
Great cause. Next year!
Mary Kennedy Donated: $100
Our son, Chris Kennedy, participated in the Marathon today, and we are donating to The Mission on behalf of his Team. Congratulations!!
Irene Murray Donated: $25.75
Go Lynn!! Enjoy every step of this journey! Amazing feat (and feet!!) God bless all your efforts!
Dana Stalilionis Donated: $25.75
Way to go Julie! So happy for my running buddy!!
Hillary Geller Donated: $103
You go girl!
Janet Mayer Donated: $20
Lynn, Proud of you and your accomplishment! You are a daughter of God who heard a call. I support your mission. ❤
Casey O’Halleran Donated: $515
Go Mom Go!!! Robin, Amy and Thomas
Anonymous Donated: $25
Go Kevin Go!
Laura Kowalewich Donated: $51.50
Good luck Juj! Wish I could run it with you (kind of...) I am sure you’ll rock it, as usual!
Michael O'Halleran Donated: $1,030
Good Luck running for a wonderful cause! Love, The O'Halleran's & Archibald's
Amy Aldridge Donated: $515
Good luck Julie! We’ll be cheering you on from a distance. 😉 XO Amy & Ken
Amy Read Donated: $103
Go Julie!
Anonymous Donated: $249.26
Run Jo, run!! - elk grove village neighbors
Anonymous Donated: $515
Keep your feet on the ground and reach for the finish line....
Lauren Gutierrez Donated: $20.60
Susan 2024! 🤩
Anonymous Donated: $25
Go Jo Go!! <3 Love, Chris & Anne
Susan Zavodny Donated: $50
Great job, April! Way to go!!!
Sara Otto Donated: $20.60
You’re incredible! Good luck and run your heart out! Kick some asphalt! 😉
Emily McMahon Donated: $50
Run Jo Run! Love, The McMahon's
Kim Nichols Donated: $25.75
Use those soccer legs Sr Emily!
Colleen Bernhard Donated: $103
We are so proud of you here at St. Joe's! Thank you for responding to God's call.
Jan Cladis Donated: $100
Good Luck on your run! We will keep you in our prayers too! Love you! Uncle Nick and Aunt Jan
Sara & Greg Saklaczynski Donated: $50
Proud of You & Your Big Heart! Love Ya!
Cassandra Hood Donated: $103
We're proud of you and love you!! - Matt and Cassie
Anonymous Donated: $250
We pray for the blessing of all families.
Petra Steele Donated: $200
Have a good race. Love to you and all of Sister's team. Chuck and Petra
Laura Nayder Donated: $25
So proud of you!!!!!! Good luck and love you always!!!!!!!!!!
Erik Pedersen Donated: $20
Go Chris go!
Michael And Angela Magee Donated: $871.75
In memory of Nancy Ejka, and thank you to all her wonderful family and friends. Lei and David have been a blessing to our family and to Nancy during her time of need.
Delbert Pham Donated: $103
May God bless and keep you and your team safe!
Marta Spiezio Donated: $100
Lynn...you amaze me! I’m so proud of you. I am one of your “prayer warriors” praying you through the Chicago Marathon! All for our beloved OLA and more importantly for the Glory of our GREAT GOD! Godspeed, my beautiful sister in Christ!
Frances Kosac Donated: $51.50
Way to go Sister!!! Keep on truckin!
Jorge Munoz Donated: $257.50
Miss you guys! Keep it going!!
Anonymous Donated: $257.50
Congrats on your training and thank you for supporting The Mission!!
Anonymous Donated: $250
Best of luck, Kevin, and thank you for running for such a worthwhile organization!!
Linda Carkhuff Donated: $50
God bless you!
Laura Lipinski Donated: $103
Run, Dan, Run Run, Judy, Run
Paul Gillespie Donated: $51.50
One step at a time! Thanks for running, Patrick! You're truly awesome!!
Vincent Brannigan Donated: $103
My father Francis L Brannigan was a fire safety expert. The Our Lady of the Angels fire changed our family's life forever. He dedicated his career to life safety in fire.
Kim Wolfe Donated: $103
Great job training all these months! It's a shame we can't be there to see you run, but we'll pray for your safe and incredible finish!
Kim Wolfe Donated: $103
On behalf of Chi Dung. Proud of you, LeLieu!
Anonymous Donated: $100
You are an amazing selfless person LeLieu. I admire you so much. So happy that you are running to help others.
Beth & Joe Unis Donated: $515
So proud of you Kaitlin and Sister Stephanie’s team! God bless you all with good health as you train and run this marathon! Love, Aunt Beth & Uncle Joe
Yvette Bartley Donated: $100
I hope as the upcoming holidays approach this can help make a difference for others. With love and peace, Yvette
Christopher Dao Donated: $131
Cheering for you in spirit for your 1st Half Marathon!
Anonymous Donated: $103.65
LL, we will be with you in heart, spirit, & prayers Oct 10th. XOXO
Andrea Wong Donated: $20.60
Go Aunt Le!
Ngoc Do Donated: $100
Dear chi Le Lieu, you are truly an inspiration to us all. It’s a shame that we cannot come in person to support your unwavering act of compassion and kindness but happy to contribute to such a thoughtful tribute to your amazing parents. Good luck and God bless!
Beckie Nguyen Cheng Donated: $50
Cheering for you, Chi Lieu Pham!
Anonymous Donated: $51.50
Please send me the brown tee shirt in a 2XL.
Anonymous Donated: $500
Thank you for all the work that you do serving those in most need in the near west side. May God continue to bless your mission and each and every one of you who help make this all happen.
Katherine Johnson Donated: $51.50
1 yellow shirt size L and 1 brown size L
Anonymous Donated: $30.90
2XL yellow shirt please
Anonymous Donated: $200
Have Fun!
Joan Belawich Donated: $51.50
Go Lynn....so impressed you’re taking this on!!!!
McNulty Family Donated: $206
Thank You Sister Stephanie & everyone involved with Our Lady of the Angels. You are all amazing. The McNulty's
Barbara Kossak Donated: $100
Thank you Sister Stephanie for all you do. You are amazing. Praise God.
Kristina Miller Donated: $10.30
I heard about you just a couple of days ago from Lisa Zimmer and just watched the last part of the video from your marathon. Great job!! What you are doing in your community is being “Jesus with skin on,” as my pastor likes to say. Congratulations on setting this world record, but a bigger congrats on one of the many wonderful things you are doing to give Father glory and make His name and renown great.
Dan Kremske Donated: $51.50
Incredible work, Sister Steph! Incredibly inspired by your continuous work, love, and dedication. Go Team OLA!!
Steve And Jill DeAtley Donated: $25.75
Read about your run in the paper and wanted to support your important work ... plus you went to a great college too! Go Illini!
Dave And Diane Risley Donated: $25
We are parents of former Auburn Xc and track runner Ann Risley 1992-1996. Proud of Sr. Stephanie,
Anonymous Donated: $50
Your joy and determination is contagious Sister Stephanie!
Fr. Michael Guastello Donated: $103
Thank you, Sister Stephanie Baliga, for being such an inspiration. Know of my continued prayers. - Fr. Guastello
David Lavallee Donated: $100
From all of us at Six Minute Mile -- Congrats on an amazing performance!!!
Craig Johnson Donated: $51.50
Congrats Sister Stephanie. You’re an inspiration all your own.
Lou Storino Donated: $515
Way to go Sister Stephanie!
Sandy Martinez Donated: $51.50
Congratulations Sister! You’re Awesome!
George Collias Donated: $103
Best wishes to you all. You are truly demonstrating the "works" of your faith.
Allison Zidek Donated: $50
Go Sister Stephanie! I grew up with your mom and still live 2 houses away from your grandparents home in Skokie. My dad also list many friends in the OLoA fire long ago. Thanks for all you do!
Mariella Massa Donated: $103
Great job sister! Sending love and prayers from Texas.
Michaela Dohleman Donated: $20.60
Good luck, girl! Great cause!
Casey And John Plackett Donated: $51.50
Way to go, Sister Stephanie! What a great way to make a difference.
Alex Blair Donated: $103
Congratulations, from Alex & Caroline!
Turhan Jordan Donated: $103
You have inspired me! Thank you! God bless you and may the Force ever be with you!
Rita Campe Donated: $100
Thank you Sister Stephanie!! Rita Campe
Patrizia And Mary Acerra Donated: $25
You inspire us!
Patricia Durkin Donated: $25.75
Great job, Sister!
Carol Ann Zalinski Donated: $206
Sister Stephanie, you are such an inspiration to young Catholic women especially my daughters Emily and Stephanie who helped on Tuesdays this summer. Thank you for your ministry! Run, Sister, Run
Rosario Juarez Donated: $205
Sister I had registered to run the Chicago Marathon as well but it was cancelled, so here it's my entry fee so you can continue bringing God's blessings to our brothers and sisters of Chicago. You are my inspiration as a runner, as a missionary and as a child of God!!!
Angela Liegel Donated: $51.50
Sr. Stephanie! We could not be prouder of you! You are such a total ROCK STAR! The world is a better place with you in it and we are lucky to call you friend!
Chris Lake Donated: $50
Congratulations. It was inspiring watching you. I am a family friend of Sister Emily and was super glad to see her too. What a great cause!!
Maggie Rizzio Donated: $25.75
Go Sister! You make us - Catholic women - so proud!! Thank you.
Nancy & Mark Kalchbrenner Donated: $103
Go Sister Baliga. #rockfordproud!
Luis Ramirez Donated: $25.75
Sr. Stephanie: Way to use your God given gifts to further His Kingdom...run on!
Jeanny Foster Donated: $100
Way to go, Sr Stephanie! May God Bless your and your community's ded
Anonymous Donated: $25
Go Sister! We need more people like you!
Rick And Kelly Aguayo Donated: $257.50
Come Holy Spirit!!!
Bob Lanigan Donated: $25
God Speed Sister Stephanie!!
Rebecca Vallorano Donated: $257.50
God Bless you, Sister Stephanie!
James Norton Donated: $103
Sr Stephanie—-you’re a glowing bright spot in a difficult Covid year.
Kevin O'Donnell Donated: $51.50
You are Blessed and a Blessing
Anonymous Donated: $103
Congratulations Stephanie!
Lisa Peterson Donated: $30.90
May God bless each and every one of you on this mission to serve. I'm so inspired by Sr. Stephanie. What a wonderful event and clever idea!
Anna Duerr Donated: $100
Congrats Sr Stephanie! In honor of my Grandma & Grandpa McFarland & Mother who went to school there. I have many fond memories of going to Church with my Grandpa (50-60's).
Anonymous Donated: $103
You are awesome!!!!! Thank you for doing this!!!!
Tara Pesta Donated: $25.75
It’s things like this that make me proud to be Catholic!
John Ehlert Donated: $51.50
Congratulations - Thank you for all you've given and continue to give.
Valerie Walker Donated: $51.50
Thank you, Sisters and Brothers, for your ministry and to Sister Stephanie for running the treadmill marathon and getting social media coverage so I that I had the opportunity to co tribute toward your ministry.
Jill Dorjath Donated: $51.50
What you are doing is amazing and awesome! As you complete this marathon, remind yourself why you are doing all of this. It will help you get through. "Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve." Napolean Hill All the best from a Chicagoan in Amsterdam. Jill
Rebecca Casiple Donated: $26.60
God bless the Franciscans! Your mission is in our prayers. From the Casiple Family, Romeo, Rebecca, Francis, Gabriel & Delia
Thomas Jandris Donated: $26
In memory of Mr and Mrs Ed Jandris , Sister Remi and victims of OLA fire
Patrick Doyle Donated: $257.50
Way to go Sr. Stephanie! God bless you. Pat Doyle & Kathy Murdock
Kathy And Joe Klevorn Donated: $25
Great job Sister Stephanie! You are amazing and I love your "can do" attitude. "With God all things are possible".
Jeff Kenny Donated: $103
Sr. I’m blessed to know you. Hoping I can run with you one day! Jeff Kenny Hidden Talents
Molly Klazura Donated: $200
We are cheering from your hometown, Rockford IL. Bless you Sister Stephanie!
Jill Anderson Donated: $100
Go Sister Stephanie!!!
William Niermeyer Donated: $262
Constantly in awe of your strength and witness to the faith! I’m surprised the treadmill can keep up with you! Love, support, and prayers from the Niermeyer family!
Karen Callaway Donated: $51.50
Looking good! One of my favorite photo subjects.... In the world! Go Sister Stephanie... Love you guys!
Laura Wilson Underwood Donated: $103
Carol Czekaj Donated: $25
Good luck Sister! From your friend Christina’s Mom💕
Nelson Abreu Donated: $103
God Bless you!
Anonymous Donated: $20.60
Run Sister Stephanie Run! Go Sister Go! Praying for you!
Elena Donoso Brown Donated: $103
Way to go St. Stephanie and OLA.
Dottie Duncan Donated: $25
Greetings from West Texas! Go Sister Stephanie!!! You are an inspiration to us all!!
Paul Sitkowski Donated: $51.50
God Bless you and good luck on your run!
Anonymous Donated: $1,200
Inspired by your efforts to serve and help others in need. Best of luck attaining your goals, and keep going!!
Peter Honigmann Donated: $103
Peter and Molly are donating to this worthy cause in memory of our wonderful friend, Greg Kmoch.
Lisa Dailey Donated: $51.50
Fantastic! Thank you Sr. Stephanie, Fr. Bob Lombardo and Fr. Benedict Groeschel for all you have done and continue to do for so very many. God bless you all.
Margarita Prieto Donated: $103
Run, Sister, run!
Anonymous Donated: $100
Run Sister Run, the friends in Ohio our rooting for you.
Angela Schreiner Donated: $103
Way to go, Sr. Steph! Great article in Sunday Tribune.
Kathryn And Drew Crowley Donated: $100
We are so inspired by your mission, Sister and all people of charity and grace!!!
Bertha De Avila Donated: $50
Go girl!!
Anonymous Donated: $20.60
God bless you Sr. Stephanie and all the good works that you do.
Debi Bernish Donated: $515
Keep going Sr Stephanie!!!
Erika Saltzman Donated: $26.20
Run on, Sister Stephanie! You are an inspiration!
Anonymous Donated: $51.50
God Bless you Sr. Stephanie and your mission💙
Carolyn Mulac Donated: $50
Run, Sister, Run!
Anonymous Donated: $51.50
You and your mission are a blessing.
Anonymous Donated: $100
Way to go! Keep on running! Don't give up!
Michael Jasinski Donated: $103
God Bless you Sister Stephanie, prayers and a virtual high 5 from your cheering fans. I hope you crush your goal!
Patti Hayes Donated: $100
Way to go Michelle!
Claire And Francisco Zoellner Donated: $103
Persevere in running the race that lies before us. -Hebrews 12:1, OLA Team 2011
Betty Ortiz Donated: $103
You are inspiring!! Thank you for what you do!!!!
Kristin Miller Donated: $20.60
Much love to OLA from our Catholic Illini family! 💙🧡 - Brian and Kristin (Theros) Miller (+James and Dude #2)
Acs Enterprises Inc Donated: $103
Our Lady of Loretto carry you through this journey and over the finish line in record time like the Angels carried her home. Love you Sister - you looked like Daddy's little girl waiting to start - and the Father's little girl will waltz with you till the last stride! Can't wait for the moment! God Bless
Laura Maniola Donated: $50
Go get it Sister Stephanie ❤️ From the K4K team in Elmhurst!
Thomas Joyce Donated: $103
Go Sister!!!
Julie Keefe Donated: $100
Keep going Sr. Steph! You are amazing!
Ellen Fogarty Donated: $100
Go, Sister, go!
Anonymous Donated: $206
Good Luck today, Sr Stephanie! Thank You for all you & the parish do for others. Best, Val
Anonymous Donated: $51.50
You go Sister! God bless you and your community's work. Our Lady of the Angels will always have a spot in my heart-I was a Catholic school pupil when the fire occurred over 60 years ago.
Daneen Jachino Donated: $100
You’ll do it Sister Stephanie!
Michael Flight Donated: $515
God bless you Sr. Stephanie. We have you in our prayers!
Rich Bensinger Donated: $51.50
Go sister!
Therese Niemiec Donated: $100
Sr Baliga, You GO Girl! Fly like the Angels! Love, Mike & Therese Niemiec Parents of Mallory Hintz
Meghan Mccann Donated: $250
Prayers coming your way!! This is one of the most amazing causes I've given to!!
Aylice Toohey Donated: $2,620
We’re so inspired by your energy and spirit, and will be cheering you on today! Aylice, Sean, and the Gorman family
Clare Sullivan Donated: $103
Sister, you are an amazing inspiration! Thank you for inspiring all of us.
Stephanie Plancich Donated: $51.50
From one running Stephanie to another! Go Sister Stephanie!
Anonymous Donated: $25.75
Go Sister Stephanie! I saw your story on the news and it is so inspiring. We need a feel good story right now.
Nathan Brown Donated: $50
Go sister!
Cathleen Martwick Donated: $100
Good Luck Sr. Stephanie - Gretchen Cox and family.
Julie Skokna Donated: $103
Run Sister Run!! Your coworkers from Thresholds, my family, and I salute your work and The Mission.
Anonymous Donated: $103
Run Sister! Angels are running with you.
Anonymous Donated: $103
May God bless you and all your good works!
Anonymous Donated: $51.50
Love your mission God bless!
Anonymous Donated: $103
You GO girl! Modeling fitness and goodwill towards others in one shot. Love it. God bless you, your mission and our unity in helping others in need. ILL!
Mary Jackson Donated: $103
Go Sister Stephanie from your California Crew!
Leslie Denvir Donated: $250
Bob,Quinn and I have you and the Mission in our thoughts and prayers daily. Run like the wind! Leslie.
Gwen Evans Donated: $10
Go Sr. Stephanie and God bless!
Anonymous Donated: $51.50
God bless you! You will do it!
Justin And Rocio Czarnowski Donated: $206
We love you Sr. Stephanie!
Becky Dufern Donated: $20.60
Happy to support our wonderful Catholic nuns! Good luck, God bless!
Anonymous Donated: $50
You are running the good race. God bless you and all of the people of OLA and the City of Chicago.
Kate Kaeli Donated: $26.20
God bless you, Sister Stephanie!
Lisa Helms Guba Donated: $103
God Bless you Sister! We will keep you in our prayers for your treadmill race.
Phil & Adele Krueger Donated: $103
May you run with ANGEL WINGS! Phil & Adele K
Jane Sell Donated: $50
Run Sister Run!!! 👍🏼
Gary Bilek Donated: $51.50
Best of luck from Colorado!
Anonymous Donated: $51.50
Thank you for your mission Sr Stephanie! From a former Chicagoan!
Dora Rodriguez-Rosa Donated: $10
Greetings from South Texas (originally from Chicago)... God speed Sr. Stephanie, you got this!! :)
Mary Roosa Donated: $100
Hi Sr.Stephanie, God speed and blessings to you on your treadmill marathon. I, too, am a runner/marathoner and I can’t imagine running the distance on a treadmill! The most I’ve run on a treadmill during winter training is 14 miles and it was much more challenging than the marathon I was training for! More importantly, good luck with your fundraising efforts and your mission. 🙏🏻❤️ Mary Roosa
Rich And Marianne Beddome Donated: $51.50
Good luck, Sister Stephanie! Thanks for all you do for others!
Jean Walsh Donated: $103
You rock! Good luck and have fun. I will be watching.
Patricia Trimble Donated: $100
Go Sr. Stephanie!! Can’t be there this year, but cheering you on!! God bless you for your work!!! Patti T (aka Janet - CA Crew)
Francis Gorchos Donated: $103
Good luck Sister!
Tom And Dawn Dicarlo Donated: $25
Good Luck Sister Stephanie!
Robert Barnes Donated: $500
As a Norte Dame, Loyola and U of Illinois grad congratulations. I have had the pleasure of meeting you several years ago with my Norte Dame classmate Father Bob God bless Dr Bob Barnes
Anonymous Donated: $260
Good luck Sister!!!
Anonymous Donated: $50
Hurray to Sr. Stephanie! Happy to join you in this marathon. Happy Running! God Bless!
Delia O'Connor Donated: $103
Go Sr Stephanie Go!!! You certainly have the strength, perseverance and positive attitude to get your goals! We will be cheering for you!! Delia and Krystina O'Connor
Anonymous Donated: $51.50
God bless you and the community you serve.
Carolyn Kos Donated: $100
Good luck Sister Stephanie!
Jon Schindler Donated: $103
Praying for an extra generous measure of peace to you during all those miles on a treadmill!
Irene Rundblom Donated: $103
You go! Good luck.
Anonymous Donated: $25.75
Very inspiring. God will cure your blisters.
Anonymous Donated: $103
Your spirit is inspiring!! ❤️
Ann Laufter Donated: $100
You can DO this Sister Stephanie!! xoxo Jack and Connor
Barbara Mackey Donated: $51.50
You go, Sister! You are a strong woman!
Susan Rebedeau Rod Schlader Donated: $50
Just read the article in the Trib. Blessings from Iowa, Sister! God bless you and all of the Sisters of Saint Francis!
Anonymous Donated: $100
Run, Sister, run!
Anonymous Donated: $51.50
You got this!
Ceasar Faycurry Donated: $250
Hi Sister Stephanie we are so excited for you. You are an awesome person. GOD BLESS YOU much love from Deanna, Maximus, Milanya and Ceasar
Jeff Ambrose Donated: $103
You’re an inspiration, Sister Stephanie! Keep on trucking!
Judith Foyle Donated: $50
Good luck, Sister Stephanie!
Mary Spera Donated: $25
Go Sister, you can do it!
Rachel Grove Donated: $103
All the best to you Stephanie!
Stephanie Arnold Donated: $20.60
Donna Donovan Donated: $206
God Bless you sister !
Kimberley Heatherington, Ofs Donated: $25.75
Go, Sister Stephanie!
Samuel Darling Donated: $100
Go Sister Stephanie!!!
Lewis Williams Donated: $100
Run Sister Run!!!
Kate Kiernan Donated: $26.20
Good luck 🍀, Sister Stephanie! You’re an inspiration! Best wishes on your run!
Fr. Steven Bauer Donated: $103
YAY... go Sr. Stephanie!!
Susan Stefanski Donated: $25
I wish all the school nuns I had were as giving as you are. Give 'em h--l!!...sorry, sister
Anonymous Donated: $103
Sr. Stephanie, You are a true example of "Where there's a will, there's a way." God Bless and Good Luck!
Sean And Michelle Barry Donated: $1,030
Sr. Stephanie you are an inspiration to all who know you and know of you! We will be praying for you. Love, The Barry's at MSW
Michael Hogan Donated: $150.38
As a disappointed Charity Chicago Marathoner (over 30 Chicago Marathons, most for St Jude or Between Friends), I know how disappointing the cancellation is. I also know how hard it is to raise funds as I have a harder time each year because I am retired from teaching at Roberto Clemente Academy for 8 years now and my donors have dried up, died or have forgotten me. Good luck and God speed with your efforts. I will be running my virtual marathon in October, God willing, with my St. Judes coach. Mike Hogan
Kevin Gardner Donated: $103
Go, Sister, go! God bless you!
Wendy Locascio Donated: $103
Go Sr Stephanie!! The Locascio Family
Robert Shaw Donated: $40
From a 3:27 marathoner.
Anonymous Donated: $515
Sr. Stephanie, I’d join you in solidarity if I had a treadmill! Although then I’d be tempted to race you for the record. Seriously wish I was there in person to cheer you on and pray for your efforts. I’ll be logging my long run miles for you from San Francisco this weekend!
John Norton Donated: $10.30
God Bless
Emily Roach Donated: $10.30
Go Sister!
Kathryn Severyn Donated: $103
Way to go Sr. Stephanie! 💗 Kathryn & Gary Severyn
Shirley Guth Donated: $51.50
God speed Sister
Michael Sinnott Donated: $103
You folks are amazing. God bless you, we need all the prayers we can get. Thank you for being you
Anthony Matar Donated: $30.90
Go OLA! - 1 Shirt (Large) - Zip code for shipping is 60614 (not what it is in billing)
Anonymous Donated: $15.45
Praying for you and all that you and the community of OLA does! God bless!
Geri Leatherbury Donated: $206
You go Sister!!! You are truly an inspiration. God bless those feet and legs .
William Solmos Donated: $400
“Speed I am speed” -Lightning McQueen
Kevin Adley Donated: $50
Good luck, Sr. Stephanie!!
Rory Polera Donated: $131
$5 for each mile.. good luck
Anonymous Donated: $500
Great idea!! Looking forward to watching the “Nun Run” and set a world record.
Jillian Lemery Donated: $52.40
Hey Sister, here's $52.40....26.2 from both Dave and I!
Wendy Kohrt Donated: $56
To my wonderful Uncle Russell, Aunt Kathy and Aunt Geri (In Spirit). I thank God everyday for having you in my life. You are a blessing to me and our family. Thank you for always remembering the day God gave me life and for the gentle and loving reminder of my age. SMILE. ($1 for every year of life) I love you all very much. Wendy
Anonymous Donated: $103
Go Jo, Go!!!
Alex Weiss Donated: $25
Anonymous Donated: $103
Go, Sr. Stephanie, go!!!
Anna And John Borchers Donated: $103
We know you can do it, Sister Stephanie! We will be with you in spirit as you run!
Elsa Augustine Donated: $51.50
You are an inspiration, Sr. Stephanie! Thank you for all you do for your community and allowing us to be a part of this wonderful work.
John Merkelis Donated: $100
To my sista! May God bless your effort! :)
Kathleen Pervan Donated: $101
Happy Birthday to my darling daughter, the best thing that ever happened to me. I'm very blessed to be your mother. I love you to Heaven and Back. Mother
Robert Wosneski Donated: $103
Go Sister Stephanie, no doubt in my mind you could do this running backwards. Bean Boy Bob
J. Bradford James Donated: $100
Sister Stephanie You continue to amaze me! Stay healthy, Brad
Kathryn Heisel Donated: $100
Set the female world record!!
Paul Gillespie Donated: $30.90
Juan, all the very best on your training & wherever the Run for Mission OLA is held!! Fr. Bauer is running on your team, too. My family is on the running prayer team. All best for your run!! Paul Gillespie
Linda Gengler Donated: $51.50
So proud of you Maya!
Anonymous Donated: $300
I was a teenage member of Our Lady of the Angels when the fire happened. My sister sent me this article. That there is such a much-needed mission there now is a joy to me. I wish I could make it three million.
Anonymous Donated: $103
Love your spirit. You're an inspiration to us all. You go Sr!
Anonymous Donated: $50
We are rooting for you in California! Lots of love sent your way!
Clara Buenker Donated: $2,060
Go Sr. Stephanie!!! Love, Clara, Jason & Matilda Buenker
Lizbeth Heinrich Donated: $51.50
Imagine me at mile 16 yelling my heart out. You got this Sister. You are amazing. Go! Go!
Barbara Randall Donated: $30.90
Your doing great things Emily. Love you!!
Jay Mitchell Donated: $50
You go girl !!
Joan M Fitzgerald-Goff Donated: $25
Lynn you are an inspiration to us all. Keep up the good work.
Anne Faulkner Donated: $50
Cheering you on from Atlanta, Marie! We are your biggest fans! xoxo- The Faulkner Family :)
Anonymous Donated: $103
Mission OLA is part of the solution in our city! Go Team OLA! God Bless all of you!
Anne Charity-Hudley Donated: $103
"If I speak in the tongues of people and of angels but have not love, I am only a ringing gong or a clanging cymbal."
Catherine Athaide Donated: $150
Go Marie! We are so proud of you! Love Mom and Dad
Steven Athaide Donated: $100
Go get 'em, Marie! Very proud of you...
Craig Johring Donated: $100
Camille Harbison Donated: $51.50
Go, Jo, Go!
Ala Folta Donated: $103
Go Jo! So proud of you big sis🥰
Lisa Lang Donated: $20.60
You are amazing Jo! We love you and your generous heart!
Lauren Geddings Donated: $50
WHO RUN THE WORLD (GIRLS) Love you so proud of you!!!
Juan Tellez Donated: $50
Run like the wind! (and thanks for the book!)
Anonymous Donated: $100
Stay Strong and Keep Going, In God's Name!
Kathleen Pervan Donated: $101
Thank you sisters and Fr. Bob for all you do to support the people of the West Humboldt neighborhood. You are the angels sent from God to serve the poor and most forgotten. God Bless You!
Anonymous Donated: $1,010
In honor and memory of Joe Mendell, a man of faith who loved God, his family and the Catholic Church. May you now rest in the peace and love of God, all the angels and saints. We love you and miss you.
John Mellon Donated: $144.20
A special shout out to my friends at American Airlines who donated to this very worthy cause! Thank You!
Incredible Donors Donated: $10,959
Great job Shamrock Team 2020!
Anonymous Donated: $30.90
Go, Jane!