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From Your Family...To Our Families

Resized 2020 your family to our families
$30,008.23 of $40,000

Can you imagine being a stable, stay-at-home mom of four young children and suddenly, due to life changes beyond your control, you find yourself a single mom of four without a home of your own?  That was the situation Christina faced.  For a while, she tried to make it on her own with the help of family and friends.  However, that meant instability for her children with no hope of stability coming soon.  After about a year and a half of trying, Christina realized that she could be upset about what happened or she could choose to take ownership of her situation and do what was necessary to create a new, stable life for her family.

YOU are the reason we were here when Christina was ready to make that step. As she graduated, Christina shared, “I can’t begin to express my appreciation for every single church, volunteer and friend of Family Promise. You all took time out of your busy lives to host, take care of, and pray for my tiny family and me.  Your love, support and kindness and prayers mean more to Abigail, Kjell, Dennis, Devyn and I than you will ever know.”   We are so very proud of Christina as we have watched her grow her strength, her confidence, and as a woman ready to stand on her own two feet showing her children that just like her, they can overcome life's obstacles and can do whatever they set their goals to do.  

 This crazy year of 2020 threw all of us a curve ball.  Yes, things look very different this year with churches unable to physically host our families, but because of your help and support, our services were able to continue.  We were able to be here to support Christina and the other moms in our program to create long-term stability while their children had a safe place to learn, to eat, to sleep, to be.   Because of your donations, these families had that safe place as well as transportation, childcare so the moms could work, a dedicated case manager walking with them on their journey, and so much more support.  Even a pandemic could not stop the empowerment through Family Promise of Forsyth County for these families to move from homelessness to sustainable independence.

 As 2021 approaches, we know there still may be a lot of uncertainty, and we also know there will be great need in our community.  Heading into the new year, we are focused on expanding our reach, adding community-based services for those families facing/nearing homelessness, working to get children and their families out of unstable living situations or inadequate places like hotels.  With your help, we can change even more lives.  Imagine the ripple effects of that as those children grow up! 

Recently, Christina shared more of her gratitude, “What I have gotten from the Family Promise program is that I am not alone, and my children and I will not be alone from this moment forward. Family Promise is so much more than a homeless shelter. It’s love and kindness. It’s rooting for and being there for each other.”

As we approach Thanksgiving, I am so thankful for the support you have given to allow us to wrap families like Christina’s with love and support which has created lasting change for them.  I ask you to help us to continue to serve families like hers.  Your investment in Family Promise of Forsyth County is changing lives and is strengthening our community.  Thank you for being a part of changing children’s lives…one family at a time.


William Worden Donated: $25
In memory of Stef Ellis, RIP
Marian Monahan Donated: $77.25
Keep up the good work!