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Help change the lives of children in Georgia!

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Every year, The Duluth Donut Dash helps support the ministry of The Children's Home. Will you help too?


Meet The Mraz Family - Gwinnett County Foster Parents: 


Right now, there are over 14,000 children in the foster care system of Georgia:

  • Your support means we can support more families like the Mrazes and reach more children in need
  • Your gift today helps support children who need a loving, safe home
  • 100% of your gift goes directly to helping children in Georgia!

Help support foster families like the Mrazes! Or, become a fundraiser and make an even greater impact!

When Chuck and Marilyn Mraz attended church one Sunday, little did they know that their life and the lives of 38 children would be forever changed. In 2014 a representative from The United Methodist Children’s Home (UMCH) spoke at their church, Simpsonwood UMC, about the need for foster parents.  Even though they were empty nesters with grown children and grandchildren of their own, the story of children in need spoke to the Mrazes.

“It was very eye-opening, and we realized that we had the room in our home and our hearts to care for these children.  As a Christian couple, we felt it was our duty to answer Gods call to take this step. Through no fault of their own, these children have been displaced from their families and need the love, encouragement, and support to help them through this critical time.  When we were introduced to fostering in 2014 there were over 9,000 children in foster care, today there are over 14,000 in care (over a 50% increase), so the need for foster parents has, and is continuing to increase dramatically. ”

Following the words from Mark 9:37, “Whoever welcomes one of these little children in my name welcomes me.”, The Mraz’s began the process of becoming foster parents. With representatives from UMCH guiding and helping them every step of the way, the Mraz Family became approved foster parents in September 2014.

The Mrazes have cared for 35 children through foster respite care since they opened their home almost four years ago, and have also had three long-term placements during that time.

“Being a foster parent can sometimes be trying, but we know that UMCH will help guide us through those times.  We know that we will always have the encouragement and support, that is sometimes needed, to make the right decisions and not become overwhelmed. UMCH is supportive in every way possible, from sending diapers to preparing us for court dates to being a shoulder to cry on when our children leave.

“When a child first comes into your home it can be a whirlwind.  Our Foster Care Workers have checked in with us to see how they can help, they helped find daycare, dentist and doctors that take Medicaid and CAPS, they babysat when we had an emergency, they bring diapers and wipes when they make their regular visits and answer the questions (or get the answers) regarding court schedules and are always in court holding our hands.  They have helped prepare us when a child leaves as well as when a child arrives.”

Your support enables us to place more children with families like the Mrazes! Children who need a safe, loving home!

  • $15 helps support a child's educational needs
  • $45 helps a child play a sport, take dance lessons, etc.
  • $150 provides a family with one week of after-hours care

Get started by helping The Children's Home by raising funds to support our mission! Become a fundraiser now!

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Anonymous Donated: $206
Will run for donuts! Always willing to run for the United Methodist Children's Home!
Joyce Dalrymple Donated: $30
Proud to support this great cause and families like the Mraz's! We love Marilyn and Chuck!