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CTC Academy is SOARING Into Our 70th Year!

Jude wants to help CTC Academy continue to SOAR!

Jude is raising funds to support the CTC Academy's 70th year of serving children with disabilities ~ will you help him?

$75.75 of $1,950

CTC Academy holds a very special place in the hearts of our entire family... but mostly for Jude. After a traumatic and nearly fatal birth followed by weeks in the hospital, Jude came home to endure years of non-stop therapies in our home and throughout New Jersey and New York, all with the hope that we could fnd someone or something that would help us FIX Jude. 

And then we found the CTC Academy...a place that we were fiercely searching for and what we so desperately needed. Someplace where we would be able to bring Jude and feel comfortable that he would be treated with dignity and respect. Someplace where he would be safe and loved. Someplace where people would see that spark that we saw, hidden deep inside him, and try to reach it.

With the support and tenacious efforts of the therapists and staff at the CTC Academy Jude has soared into a happy little boy who has the determination of a prized fighter. Although he still has an extensive list of things he has not yet mastered he is working on tackling each and every item with guidance and support of this school.

This is a very special year as CTC Academy Soars into their 70th year of service. As CTC has grown, they’ve ensured that Jude and all of the students they’ve served along the way have also soared to new heights - meeting and exceeding goals...this is why CTC is so near and dear to our hearts. 

Won't you join Jude in helping the students of CTC Academy continue to Soar?



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